A 3ft 8ins blogger is advising ladies the way to get dressed for their length… and showing the arena that ‘style is for anyone’


FASHION blogger, who’s 3ft 8ins tall, proves that style is for all heights and sizes. Doris Jeong, 28, a fashion blogger with dwarfism, regularly shares style suggestions for girls all over the globe on her weblog “I Wear Shirts As Dresses.” Doris is 3ft 8in tall and advises ladies of all shapes and heights approximately dressing for their form
Doris, from Seattle, advised Barcroft TV: “I think its miles a piece hard to get other human beings to look that fashion has no size limit.

“People suppose that fashion is best for the tall, thin, and delightful; however, I think we should make it work with more effort.

“Fashion is for all of us.

 blogger advising ladies

“I first started blogging in 2009. I was in college, and I had bought the type of a protracted tunic, a women’s tunic, and I thought it changed into cute, and I wore it as a dress.

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“I realized I could put on shirts as clothes!”

Doris says fashion is for everybody, and they hope to get into style layout in Destiny. Doris, who works as a paralegal by way of the day, spends each free second illustrating her fashion designs and sharing her fashion tips with her Instagram followers. She said: “So my primary desire with my blog – first, is too specific myself. I’ve usually been a creative person, and I additionally do fashion illustration, so it was approximately showcasing my artwork and outfits. “The different goal of my weblog is to be a useful resource for different little humans,” Doris says that, notwithstanding being a long way shorter than her friends, she was in no way made to sense one of a kind developing up.

The Dunblane killer’s circle of relatives secret that specialists say led to his toddler obsession. Doris also stocks videos on her YouTube channel, including a clip advising human beings what to keep from announcing to the touch personANDRES APONTE / BARCROFT MEDIA. Doris additionally shares videos on her YouTube channel – consisting of a clip advising people what to avoid saying to a touchy person. She added: “Growing up with dwarfism, it became thrilling due to the fact now not most effective do I have dwarfism, I’m additionally Korean, so it’s a type of like a double minority. “The Korean community might also be the Asian community is widespread; we don’t like to speak about stuff.

“So, my dwarfism changed into never addressed.

“My mother and father helped me, I wager with my dwarfism, by way of now not treating me any exceptional. “I don’t know if it’s because they are Asian, and I even have a tiger mom. However, she did not, in reality, anticipate something less than nice for me.” The passionate blogger additionally stocks videos on her YouTube channel – which includes a clip wherein she advises humans what to avoid announcing to a “little individual”. Fashion-loving Doris additionally says that, notwithstanding experiencing many setbacks, she remains optimistic approximately finding love. She stated: “Being born with dwarfism affected my love existence.

“I think maneuvering through all the fish within the sea is already tough in the 21st century, but I suppose while you add dwarfism to it, it makes it a little bit more difficult. “I think it is going either in one manner or the other. Doris says that her mother and father did not treat her differently when she was developing upBARCROFT IMAGES. Doris says that her mother and father did not treat her differently while growing up. Doris hopes her blog will make people recognize that fashion is for everybody, Andrew APONTE / BARCROFT MEDIA. Doris hopes her blog will make people understand that fashion is for everybody. “Guys both see me as a lovable little sister or, the other give up of the spectrum is those with, like, fetishes, and I’m just searching for the middle ground.”

advising ladies

In the future, Doris hopes to discover sewing methods to make her dreams of designing clothes truthful. She is also featured in this October’s International Dwarf Fashion Show. She stated: “What I desire human beings will research from my weblog is that fashion surely is for anybody and, it’s kinda like my name, ‘I put on shirts as clothes,’ a form like a metaphor for the entirety of existence. “Even as a bit character, you can do something you need; I wish that’s what readers dispose of from my weblog, that you can do something you need.”

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