How This 19-Year-Old Blogger Turned Her Brand Into Her Goldmine


For Alexa Curtis, writing changed into usually a getaway. “When I changed into 7, my father was wrongfully convicted of a heinous crime and put in the most protected prison. He was given out after I changed into twelve, and I spent years of my childhood looking at him almost die as a person with diabetes in prison,” she says. “Around that point, I started writing and expressing myself through fashion. It helped me cope.” She would write quick stories and describe what she became carrying or what inspired her. She was so exceedingly passionate about blogging and writing she began creating a small amount of money. “I had no hobby in whatever else besides following my passion,” says Curtis.

Blogger Turned

During her first year of excessive faculty, she discovered LinkedIn. Endlessly resourceful, she made a profile and labeled herself a manager. “I started out getting messages from people asking my charges. I winged it initially until I built a good customer list,” she explains. “School became the least critical part of my lifestyle, that I’d pass lessons just to take calls with social media clients.”

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Born and raised in Mansfield, a small, rural city in Eastern Connecticut, Curtis longed to break out. While touring her sister in Staten Island, they watched a reality show and brainstormed thoughts about what she could do. “As we had been throwing thoughts around, she casually said, oh, nicely, you may begin a weblog.” After Googling, the first weblog was Tavi Gevinson’s Style Rookie. “I spread out the P.C. within the next room and created a profile on,” she shares. And A Life In The Fashion Lane was born. Curtis became 12. “I certainly had a concept I could grow to be beginning the weblog and by no means write on it, but I began writing a new post-ordinary. I became hooked.”

Curtis turned into a fashion. However, it becomes extra for her to set herself apart. “I just liked dressing up, but I didn’t have any money to shop for garb, so that is why I’d exhibit loads of Avenue fashion and movie star images on my blog,” she says. “And I love being my very own boss. I tried interning for a bunch of companies when I turned more youthful. And I could never live at an internship for more than a month. Being capable of ruling your existence is the first-rate feeling, however distinctly traumatic and nonstop.” Not only did Curtis flip her little fashion weblog into a complete-time way of life platform for young adults via cold-pitching, but she controlled to get subsidized with the aid of manufacturers like British Airways, T-Mobile, Lands’ End, and more.

In 2016, after speaking at a convention on social media and mental health, I started the nonprofit Media Impact and Navigation for Teens (M.I.N.T.). When she was in middle faculty, she suffered from body photo problems and bullying. She didn’t experience she had the assistance she had to address those troubles correctly. The curriculum behind M.I.N.T. includes attending schools and discussing cutting sexting and social media. Jeryl’s book, My City, My New York: Famous New Yorkers Share Their Favorite Places, in which masses of notables proportion their favored N.Y.C. locales, can be determined here. Visit jerylbrunner.Com.

However, inquiring about a visitor submission will assist you in benefiting extra traffic, ranking higher in engines like Google, and earning some of the net community’s belief. However, you’ll need to invest more in content improvement for this. Knowledge of the variations between a share, hyperlink, or guest put-up is all there’s to this step. However, it’ll assist you in staying centered in the course of your blogger outreach marketing campaign. Ideally, you must try to benefit from shares, links, and visitor posts to make the most out of your blogger outreach.

Step 1. Search for Influencers

Concentrating on the proper influencers is one of the keys to a hit blogger outreach marketing campaign.
First, you should create an easy spreadsheet of the usage of a device like Google Sheets. Label the top columns with the name, email deal with, URL, repute, and notes. You can change the phrases as you want, so long as you fill in the same information.

A quick seek on “Blogger Outreach.”

Test the effects and accumulate the important statistics to fill your spreadsheet. The blogger’s call and URL may be at once acquired from the outcomes. For the email deal, visit the listed internet site and see the “Contact” web page. To achieve greater results, try to adjust the filters to the left. In step one, you can determine which influencers are for shares, hyperlinks, and visitor posts. Feel unfastened to play with the app and use formatting options that include cellular shades to organize your listing. One of the traits of influencers is that they’re smooth to discover. An easy Google search will help you find some of them. To quicken your search appearance, especially for blog roundups, use the keywords “top,” “bloggers,” and “blogs.”

For instance, If you want to Search for influencers.

If your particular goal is to generate extra stocks, you want to make sure that your target influencers have enormous social reach. Test their social media profiles and look at their follower matter to measure this. In any other case, you may use a tool like Followerwonk to Search for humans in your niche with a huge following.

Step 2: Reach Out in a Private way

Now that you have recognized your key influencers, the next step is to reach out to them in a Non-public and pleasant manner. Unluckily, numerous marketers fail to try this using pre-made templates. Take note that key influencers deserve something extra than customary-looking emails. Except, they possibly receive a dozen requests each day. The closing thing you need is your email address for their junk mail listing. If you need to be taken critically using influencers, you need an email outreach Method that facilitates dating-building. You want to technique them as a friend – someone who desires to share a close and at the same time useful operating courting. However, influencers may be a bit picky about who they must be affiliated with. Before they choose to work with you, you must provide them with something precious in return.

One Method is to check existing content for a damaged link. This could be completed with the usage of a device like Broken. You may additionally show your proper intentions by their advice to look. Once you have actual consequences, you can inform them About your revel via a weblog comment, social media, or an email. About writing the real email, remember to be the straightforward, real, and affected person. You must craft every email for my part and tailor the message to the influencer you’re contacting. Sincerity is vital, so you shouldn’t try to make things up. For example, don’t inform a blogger that you’re a huge fan if you’re t even subscribed to their email listing.

Step 3: Use the Skyscraper Approach

Regarding guest posting and social media sharing, the fee is packaged as the content you must proportionate. These influencers have a popularity to uphold; they want first dibs on the quality content on the net. That’s why there’s no better way to offer cost than to provide them with the best, most up-to-date, and properly researched content material.

A top-notch Method to use is the Skyscraper Method, which Brian Dean popularizes. It works in three steps:

1. Search for popular, link-worthy content.

While seeking out influencers, you could Look for super content material using BuzzSumo or do a Google search.

2. Rewrite it into something extra thorough.

It must have extra precise commands and updated data. The new content must have leftover m in different phrases. You could also spice it up with exclusive content material codecs, including infographics and motion pictures.

Blogger Turned

3. promote it to key influencers.

Try the bloggers who related to the unique content material you “borrowed” your concept from. Due to the fact they need to provide first-rate statistics to their readers, they ought to be more than willing to link to your repackaged content. To check for influencers related to the original content, you could use a simple device like Ahrefs.Com. It’s not loose. However, it can provide you with an entire listing of domain names related to the content. Briefly, look at one of all W.H.S.R. blog posts about using Ahrefs. Considering one of his case studies, the Skyscraper Approach effectively helped boost Brian Dean’s search site visitors by 110% in only two weeks.

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