Just Jordan: from component-time blogger to complete-time presenter and makeup artist


FOUR years after beginning her weblog, Cork’s Lisa Jordan now works at it complete-time is set to be seen on RTÉ and has just released the primary object in her very own make-up variety. The mum-of-one is busy juggling the numerous roles while searching after daughter Pearl. However, she wouldn’t have it every other way. In current weeks, the principal attention has been releasing a fixed of 4 lip glosses she designed from scratch, the primary product in her Luna By Lisa range.


Lisa sees the potential for a whole variety of beauty merchandise inside the destiny; however, as a trained make-up artist, she selected first of all her old flame. She decided to launch with lip glosses as a client-pleasant, clean-to-use product. “That is my history for over a decade; I trained with MAC, who are an international logo, and spent years working with products and distinctive looks,” she informed the Evening Echo. “I learned a lot about what customers love and need in a product. It turned into something I was passionate about.” In an international in which celebrities put their names on the whole thing, from pencil cases to meals merchandise, Lisa is adamant each detail of design and testing went via her. “It started with a bit of paper and went from there. I went to the guys I am operating with my idea; I designed the entirety from scratch. It was all on me.”

Clearly obsessed with her products, everything from texture and pigmentation to the wording at the packaging changed into carefully scrutinized. The complete method took almost a year, and she was juggled around worrying for her infant daughter. “It may be tough paintings to get it all proper, to be honest,” she said. The interest to element paid off, with the sets swiftly promoting out online. Lisa became running on 3 merchandise at the same time, with the subsequent still to be released. She is retaining mum on what they’re. However, she will say the subsequent launch might be in November. Between now after which, TV audiences can see her in a brand new display, beginning on RTÉ in mid-October. Salon Confidential is a 4-part series, additionally starring Taylor Swift’s Irish hairdresser Gareth Bromell. Set in a Dublin salon, the concept is that the hairdressers and stylists now revamp customers’ hair and restyle their existence. Lisa is eager to peer how it’s miles acquired.

“It is quite an interesting show,” she stated.

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“My function turned into I changed into doing makeup with humans but interviewing them at the same time, it changed into a communique. There have been some exciting subjects! “It is an interesting show, and I am thrilled to be part of something with RTÉ.” The show itself has been filmed, but she is currently recording promotional clips for it. In between filming, childcare, and promotional work, she also maintains her blogging and social media. With near 100,000 fans on Instagram and plenty of more on Snapchat and Facebook, she has numerous human beings checking her updates. So how many paintings does it take to build that sort of a following? “I am running a blog for four years and complete-time approximately two years. Last year, I was also running component-time in another job but changed into still putting full-time hours into blogging.

“It is tough work. But now, this yr, this is my full-time profession. It is my activity.” Although becoming a mother has been the life-changing enjoy it is for all new dad and mom, she has made a conscious attempt not to make motherhood the only focus of her online life. “I even have an extensive following; It could be very hard now not to turn out to be a ‘mother blogger’ when you have a baby because your lifestyles are the child. Pearl could be very tons my life now, and if I should have Pearl and myself within the photographs, I might do it all the time. “But I recognize there are younger ladies and older people who don’t have their own kids, and they don’t need to look mine all the time. I remember the fact that, so I trade it up. “I may be talking about meals, about Netflix, about homewares. It changes all the time.”

Is there any challenge she avoids?

“I don’t do fitness; this is the only aspect; I am clearly now not a health blogger!”

Advertising standards pose an issue in converting enterprises.

WITH social media stars turning into an increasing number of influential and famous businesses to sell merchandise, readability around advertising is a thorny problem. Where do you distinguish the road from someone endorsing a product personally or being paid to promote it if all of it seems on their social media? A short look through Lisa’s just Jordan.I.e., ‘s Instagram account, suggests she certainly marking some posts as worked on in collaboration with corporations consisting of Primark and Tesco. But last week, the Advertising Standards Authority for Ireland (ASAI) said they’d spoken to her in terms of posts on Snapchat, which had been no longer marked as commercials.

“It may be very provoking. No one becomes conned out of any cash. My latest issue happened again in March, and there was no talk of Snapchat. The grievance was that I didn’t have the ad on all Snaps, but they had been on a number of them.”Although the posts have been made in March, it became June earlier than she changed into instructed there was a criticism. She went to Dublin to satisfy with staff at the regulator to get clarity on the difficulty. “I sat down to fulfill with them because I desired tips and wanted to have everything definitely covered. “I sat down and requested them questions because there are plenty of loopholes in situations, ‘what if I am carrying a jumper from someplace and it’s miles an ad, but then the subsequent day I wear it, so I should place advert once more?’ What about in 3 months?’ It may be very grey, and they’re locating it tough to reveal.”


She said she has no problem with following ASAI guidelines but feels it is unfair to pillory bloggers whilst their roles are new and constantly evolving. “We (bloggers) didn’t recognize the guidelines because they didn’t realize them themselves,” she stated. “When we started, it turned into very unclear what was what.” When it comes to choosing which organizations to paint, Lisa uses her sense for what will hobby her followers. “I love my target audience; my target market comes first. If I am requested to collaborate, I think, ‘does it match me, does it suit my audience?’. I flip down matters. People suppose you agree with the whole lot, but that isn’t always the case. I’m now not going to pop out with a few random issue that doesn’t have whatever to do with my blog.”

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