Vijayawada have become an worldwide meals blogger


Seema lives the lifestyle many aspire to – traveling to locations, tasting first-rate cuisines, and letting the world recognize our affair with food. While the foodie in us can also entire-heartedly savor something that tempts our taste buds, and we may also tour several kilometers to savor some crispy cheese samosas, it’s no baby’s play to describe the melted cheese wrapped within the fried batter and convince masses around you to visit the identical vicinity and try those equal dish.

And that is precisely what Seema Gurnani, who runs the meals and tour weblog ‘Panda Reviewz,’ has been doing correctly for the past three years! Meals and travel enthusiast Seema commenced her food weblog, Panda Reviewz, in 2016. A local of Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, Seema started reviewing food from around the town while Swiggy and Zomato no longer saw Vijayawada’s culinary map. Now 24, Seema has just returned from Malaysia after attending a tour program organized with the aid of the Malaysian tourism department to Panda Reviewz, which has turned the young female into a worldwide food blogger.

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“My mom became a cooking instructor. She used to behavior cooking instructions for humans at home and assisted in organizing culinary activities. And unnecessary to mention, we had been her subjects for meal experiments every occasion! Though I never aspired to be a food blogger, traveling to exclusive locations and trying new cuisines became a part of my lifestyle,” Seema tells TNM. An avid vacationer, Seema quickly realized that following her passion was more important than being stuck in a job in Hyderabad that didn’t give her enough holidays to tour around. “I became additionally tired each time recommending new places to my buddies over the telephone, suggesting that they try the idli over punugulu on every occasion someone made an experience to Vijayawada. That’s after I decided to give up my process and become a full-time blogger. My first weblog becomes at the hen biryani at Pista House restaurant in Vijayawada,” Seema recounts. But this changed into one of the few instances in which Seema wrote about non-vegetarian meals.

“I changed into a vegetarian soon after I began my blog. And this came with its United States downs. More than half the population in Vijayawada loves non-vegetarian meals. On every occasion, I visited an eating place where they insisted that I attempt their mutton biryani or the chook kebabs. But very soon, my blog became an opportunity for the many vegetarians who visited the town and were trying to find out what culinary options besides paneer were available,” Seema laughs. Suppose one is to ask Seema to list a number of the lip-smacking vegetarian delicacies in Vijayawada. In that case, she will inform you of limitless places within the town that provide you with first-class idlis, cuniculus, and Andhra snacks. “Contrary to perceptions, vegetarian food isn’t uninteresting, and paneer isn’t the only opportunity for the bird. From yummy dishes manufactured from soya to Mirchi bajjis and slurpy summer season drinks, Andhra delicacies have a lot of sorts regarding vegetarian meals,” Seema adds.

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