Xiaomi CEO’s letter to personnel has a ‘accurate information’ for users


Beijing: Xiaomi Chairman, CEO, and Founder Lei Jun on Wednesday announced that the company would all the time restrict the internet income margin after tax for the whole hardware income such as smartphones, Internet of Things (IoT), and lifestyle products — to a maximum of five in line with the cent. Jun promised its users that the corporation’s hardware business could have a universal internet earnings margin that would never exceed five cents. “If the margin crosses five according to a cent, then we will find a manner to go back the extra above five in keeping with the cent to our users,” he said in an e-mail to all Xiaomi employees. “If we sell our merchandise at a near price and return value to our customers, then we can earn the long-term assistance of our users. Aiming for massive volumes with small profit margins will nevertheless result in appropriate hardware earnings for us in the long term,” the Xiaomi CEO delivered.


According to Jun, the corporation has created a unique “triathlon” commercial enterprise model, encompassing hardware, the Internet carrier, and new retail. “Our commercial enterprise version has been challenged repeatedly in the past eight years. Xiaomi is the most effective phone globally that has rebounded after declining sales. This miracle, coupled with the results we’ve done as of today, suggests how applicable and advanced our version is,” the CEO stated. The company released the Mi 6X in Wuhan on Wednesday, which’s geared up with the excessive-cease Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 processor and the modern-day AI era. “Xiaomi is an engineering-led business enterprise. Engineers are constantly searching out modern-day technology to benefit the general public and alternate the world,” Jun stated. “At present, the enterprise has passed one hundred billion RMB in annual sales and has nearly 20,000 employees,” he added.

In the first area of 2018, Xiaomi, with over fifty-one in step with cent growth, became the fifth spot in China, Counterpoint Research reported. The increase was driven by Xiaomi’s expansion in the offline segment with competitive promotions. It refreshed its Redmi Note series and now has a robust product portfolio inside the mid-phase, giving greater desire to budget-conscious clients.

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