Google paid Apple $1bn to be default iOS search engine


Apple and Google are competitors. So why is Google the default search engine for cellular Safari, which is the pre-installed net browser on iPads and iPhones?

The solution, courtroom documents revealed on Thursday, is straightforward: cash talks. And $1bn, the quantity Google paid Apple in 2014 for the privilege of default get admission to the hundreds of millions of iPhone customers, talks very loudly.

The statistics came to mild as a part of Google’s lawsuit with Silicon Valley massive Oracle, which accuses the hunt company of infringing on Oracle’s patents for programming language Java in its Android operating machine Work Reveal.

On pinnacle of the $1bn price, which have been mentioned as a rumour by way of TechCrunch in 2013 however no longer showed till now, Oracle’s legal professionals also found out that Apple and Google shared a portion of the sales Google obtained from displaying ads to iOS users. In step with Oracle, “at one factor in time” that proportion became 34% – even though it wasn’t clean who got the bigger give up of that deal.

1919The payments saved Google because the default search engine for cell Safari, allowing it to retain to coins in on iOS. And being the default is vital: when Apple switched from Google Maps to its very own in-residence team for the default map app on iPhones in 2012, the new app turned into criticised for its errors-ridden maps.

Three years on, the default app changed into used 3 instances as an awful lot as Google’s very own app, In line with Apple. That’s tens of millions of customers who Google can’t get statistics from or show ads to.

Elsewhere, in iOS, Apple is already detaching itself from Google search: the default search engine on Siri is Microsoft’s Bing, and that can’t be changed via the user.

Other figures released in courtroom help screen pretty why Google changed into so keen to pay Apple massive sums of money for get admission to its users. Google’s Android running system, the most famous inside the international, has generated revenue of $31bn and earnings of $22bn in its lifetime.


For contrast, Apple generated $32.2bn revenue from the iPhone in the fourth quarter of 2015 alone – a figure that doesn’t consist of its profits from the App Keep and iAd structures, each the most direct comparators for Google’s Android sales.

Google’s makes cash from Android in two methods: it takes a share of the income of apps and media at the Google Play Store, and it suggests show marketing to Android users.

Aside from its very own Nexus and Pixel-branded gadgets, it does now not get hold of any revenue from the sale of Android phones – in stark comparison to Apple. Meaning that iOS users are nearly as valuable to Google as Android users, for the reason that company can still earnings by displaying them ads, however doesn’t should use up the energy of developing a whole running device for them.


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Google turned into unhappy with the guide of the sales figures, but, telling Oracle and the court docket that they ought to by no means have been made private. The organization advised a federal choose that Oracle’s lawyer improperly disclosed “extraordinarily touchy facts”, and requested for the courtroom facts to be redacted and sealed.

“Google does not non-publicly allocate revenues or profits to Android separate and Other than Google’s widespread business,” the company stated in the courtroom submitting. “That economic statistics is quite sensitive, and non-public disclosure ought to have enormous terrible consequences on Google’s business.”

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