8 Gadgets That Smartphones Might Make Obsolete


Smartphones, according to their various utility apps, have changed a variety of standalone gadgets.

Land of the smartphones!

According to a survey using Pew Internet and American Existence Undertaking, 2013, fifty-six% of American adults now own a telephone. The twentieth century has possibly seen some of the most course-breaking inventions of all time, with massive and small gadgets accounting for a maximum of them. The cell phone, arguably, is one of the most popular of these innovations these days. Over time, its popularity has surged exceptionally. It has moved from being a gadget straight out of an old sci-fi film to becoming a need, and now to something we almost take without consideration. This electronic surprise has advanced into an even more potent force within the past decade – the phone. Smartphones have slowly, however, definitely risen in recognition and appear to be fast changing the everyday feature phones.

Smartphones Might Make Obsolete

Such has been their prowess that, alongside the way, they’ve obliterated and made redundant gadgets that had been once touted to be the ‘subsequent large factor. Here’s a list of eight such devidevicest who appear to have been lengthy and misplaced in reminiscence or are on the course to oblivion and the capabilities on smartphones that changed them.


Private digital assistants (PDAs) had been an absolute rage in the early ’90s. They helped me take notes, store information, and organize my schedule. Business people and managers typically use these to keep information and plan their daily agenda. Smartphones can help you shop for records, take notes, arrange your calendar, or even allow you to shop for all the information online.

Voice Recorder

The portable voice recorder was a trusted best friend for media men and women worldwide because it helped them document interviews and feedback from the people they had been reporting. It even made for a splendid tool inside the hands of researchers, tale writers, and actors to occasionally file their progress. Maximum smartphones have an in-constructed feature to document audio. Its largest advantage is that the information isn’t saved physically but is a substitute protected as a soft reproduction, which may be saved, transferred, or shared easily.


The calculator is one of the few yet most beneficial gadgets. Almost everyone, from college students to scientists, uses this tool daily or has used it as soon as possible. It’s one of these little matters that have, in their way, helped simplify our lives. The smartphone calculator app is extraordinarily smooth to use and gives loads more options than the standard calculator. You can switch to the scientific calculator mode on your telephone if you wish to.


Touted as one of the greatest inventions in on-the-go conversation, flaunting a pager hooked onto the waist belt became common in most groups. One could get hold of messages and signals on a pager nearly as quickly as they had been recorded using an operator and then transmitted onto the tool. One could even pick to have reminders dispatched throughout to the pager. Smartphones provide an easy and effective way to speak with human beings via SMS, MMS, instant messaging apps, and electronic mail. The messages are despatched across with now, or at a minimum, put off.


The digicam has evolved from a bulky tool, shooting moments in black and white, to tiny, pocketable gadgets that store away lots of stunning HD images, which you almost want to attain out and contact. The digital camera has located its manner from professional photographers to kids who need to take a picture of their artwork masterpieces. Cameras on contemporary smartphones can easily update the same old factor-and-shoot cameras and even give superior SLRs an awesome run for their cash. They offer the choice to send throughout or keep snapshots with the internet.

GPS Receiver

GPS receivers became an alternative famous among families, or even automobile condominium offerings, for the first decade of the new millennium. They supplied flip-by-turn directions and routes to almost any vacation spot you could need to force down. These devoted gadgets even helped trekkers and campers locate their way for the duration of an outdoor ride. Most smartphones, in recent times, come with a GPS receiver in them. This, together with the unique map app on the cell phone, delivers you turn-by-turn instructions, voice navigation, traffic data, and different data at your fingertips.


With the upward push in the reputation of eBooks, the marketplace becomes bombarded by a selection of ebook readers; every seeking to out-muscle the oebookeebookook readers provides easy and brief right of ebook thee-book ebook shops, from which one should purchase the production of his favored ebooks. These can then be downloaded and examined on yoebooksok reader. Smartphones offer many alternatives, such as ebook reader apps, which transform your telephone book ebook cookbook reader. Those apps provide loads more features than a committed ebook reader.

Alarm Clock

Few other things are hated aebookwful lot as an alarm clock that goes off early in the morning and refuses to quieten until you get away from the bed and shut it. However, few can argue with the reality that alarm clocks have been a vital part of our lives, and most folks might no longer be able to function too well without them.

Smartphones Might Make Obsolete

The alarm clock characteristic on smartphones is tremendously customizable. You can set it to play your preferred music, in preference to the annoying bells that wake you up early in the morning. The concept of ‘survival of the fittest’ is just as applicable in the international world of devices as it’s miles in the wild; the evolution of the smartphone is a superb example of this. With the advancement in a generation, it’s miles best a matter of time before we pass on to the next large element, and smartphones may also very well end up out of date.

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