Blackview P6000 Review: Big Battery Android On A Budget


One of the main reasons people like Huawei flagships is because the Chinese corporation manages to cram a larger battery into its flagships than Samsung, Apple, or some other mainstream phone makers are inclined to do. The Huawei P20 Pro, for instance, has a four 000 mAh battery, supplying battery existence that’s nearly twice so long as what one would get on an iPhone X.

But if people want even large batteries, then they’ll have to turn to smaller Chinese manufacturers, who’re willing to push the envelope even further to seize that area of interest marketplace. Case in point: Shenzhen-based totally Blackview, which has been acknowledged for freeing some very well rugged and durable phones. Its latest release, the P6000, packs a battery with an ability of because the name shows 6,000 mAh. I’ve tested the handset on and off for some weeks now, and yes, the smartphone is a beast in terms of battery existence.

To me, the P6000 is set the appropriate combo of large battery whilst still preserving an inexpensive shape factor. Other huge batteried devices accessible, together with the Oukitel K10000 Pro, may provide even greater juice. Still, it comes on the cost of form factor — that phone changed into so chunky it was without a doubt impossible for me to lug around on an everyday basis. The P6000’s zero.4-inch thickness, while not slim, is really now not too cumbersome. The bright glass lower back additionally helps the phone appear sleeker than its miles.

Ben Sin

Battery Android

The five.5-inch display is wrapped via bezels that aren’t massive. However, they aren’t both small. The tool features a five—Five-inch 1080 X 1920 LCD panel with decent brightness and coloration accuracy. The bezels on the pinnacle and underneath the display aren’t large. However, they’re now not quite small either. Overall the design is right for a big battery telephone. However, it falls behind Blackview’s preceding releases, such as the S8.

Running Android 7.1 and no longer Oreo and with Blackview’s Android pores and skin on top, the software program experience isn’t the best. Still, I found that Nova Launcher installs without difficulty and manages to stick on this smartphone, and once Nova Launcher is applied, the cell phone feels fairly snappy and captivating to take a look at. The Helio P25 chipset interior is above common for a cell phone at this rating factor — around $270 —. Still, they obviously fall in the back of any big call handsets running Qualcomm or Exynos chipsets.

Blackview advertises a twin 21-megapixel digicam at the again. Still, as in step with common with those smaller Shenzhen brands, the second digital camera is suspect, as bokeh photographs are, well, faux. The intensity-0f-discipline blur is absolutely digital trickery and now not real dual-digicam work. At least the primary digital camera can produce strong pictures if you’re the use it at some point of the day. At night time, but I wouldn’t even bother. The primary draw of this smartphone is glaringly the battery, and as I already referred to, Blackview delivers on that the front.

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Ben Sin, The P6000, did thoroughly on the PC Mark battery test.

As you may see from the image above, the P6000 lasted almost seven and half hours on PC Mark’s battery check. If you’re not acquainted with this benchmark, take a look at it. It pushes the cellphone nonstop, walking intensive CPU obligations, including video editing and 3-D image rendering, even maintaining the display on complete brightness, all of the ways from 100% down to twenty%. That the P6000 lasted over seven hours under that scenario is astonishing. Considering the Samsung Galaxy S9 most effective can final approximately 3 hours and forty-five mins under the equal look. Keep in thoughts this is the intensive use of the phone, so below ordinary use, you ought to get at the least 8 to nine hours of display-on time, which nearly truly approach the cellphone will pass an entire day except you’re critically a telephone addict.

Ben Sin The 5.5-inch show is serviceable.

All the other simple telephone sensors you’d count on in 2018 are right here: the cellphone has the gyroscope, GPS, proximity, and ambient mild sensors, and they all paintings. Connectivity is best, but glaringly the telephone can’t reach the top speeds determined on a flagship device with a greater excessive-give-up modem just like the Huawei Mate 10 Pro or Samsung Galaxy S9. But on the other hand, why am I comparing $900 phones to $270 phones?

Ultimately, if you need a smartphone, a good way to clear last an entire day but can still sue in your pocket, the P6000 suits the bill. Just maintain expectations modest outside of the battery. This isn’t a cellphone to blow you away in processing power or digital camera capabilities. Extended battery instances for smart telephones are getting a necessity for customers because of the restricted battery lifestyles of those devices. Someone who spends the maximum of the time exterior and uses his or her smartphone for emails, calls, and net surfing is aware of how difficult it can be to spend a whole day without a 2d recharge.

The good news is distinctive corporations are operating on increasing the battery existence of smartphones and making them extra green at a single rate. While the work is being completed on that, there’s a solution for you that can almost eliminate the trouble of the dead battery out of your existence. The solution is a prolonged battery case to your clever phone. These prolonged battery instances are available for nearly all cellular telephones, including Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5. They are capable of substantially growing the device’s battery life and, in many cases, can double it.

Blackview P6000

The extended battery cases for smart telephones come in two types. The first variety includes narrow instances, while the second range consists of the ones that might be a bit thicker but provide more electricity. While the dissimilarity among the 2 is not huge, is it able to distinguish for someone who desires extra greater power than the others? The slimmer extended battery cases for clever phones normally provide decrease extra battery life than the fats ones. But if that is not a huge problem for you, you definitely get those ‘slimmer’ cases to move for several motives. Firstly they do not make your tool cumbersome, and in many cases, they can even enhance the appearance of the smart telephone and make your tool stand out. Also, a slimmer prolonged battery case means you may preserve it all of the time and now, not simply while you are going out, which could offer more safety in your precious device and save you from getting scratches.

The no longer-so-slender extended battery instances ought to make your stunning, smart telephone appearance fat and unsightly on the alternative hand. But if that is not trouble for you-you, then you ought to honestly get the ones that have better energy. These higher strength battery instances ought to provide those precious more hours wished while you’re running outdoors, journeying, tenting, and so forth.

So which one should you get?

Well, deciding on the form of the extended battery case that would exactly fulfill your wishes is sincerely not rocket science. You have to analyze your priorities and ask yourself whether you want a battery case that looks exactly or a battery case that would provide you with maximum battery existence. Someone who works at, an office, travels less often, and goes out once in a while should get a slimmer prolonged battery case as it could be extra than sufficient on your needs and might come up with several more hours earlier than requiring you to rate the device. Having a slimmer case also approach that you don’t have to worry a good deal approximately how your tool seems and can preserve it all the time for protection and the battery.

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