Android 7.0 Nougat review: longer battery life and faster operation


Android 7.0 Nougat is the new version of Google’s cell operating device, utilized by billions of devices round the sector.

It functions longer battery lifestyles, improved multitasking and smarter notifications in a slimmed down and refined Android enjoy – following on the paintings performed in final yr’s version 6 Marshmallow

It’s far faster, more polished and a subtly-higher revel in all-spherical. Apps deploy greater speedy, the OS can be smaller and updates to Android can be mounted at the fly, without having to await 10 mins while it reboots, when you have a brand new device. The new Vulcan API snap shots’ device is likewise baked in for better gaming overall performance and Nougat will assist Google’s Daydream digital reality machine, finally.

Nougat isn’t, but, a chief visible overhaul of Android. People who have used Marshmallow on any of Google’s Nexus smartphones or gadgets with little inside the way of modification to Android, which include the OnePlus three, will right away comprehend it.

4753This overview become performed the usage of a pre-launch model of Nougat going for walks on numerous Google Nexus and Pixel gadgets, as such a few small matters may vary on the manufacturing version of Nougat released nowadays.

Stepped forward notifications
android 7 nougat overview
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Nougat makes quick replies default for almost all verbal exchange-primarily based notifications. Photo: Samuel Gibbs for the Mum or dad
Most of the work has gone on backstage but the one obvious change in Nougat is to notifications. They’re now flatter and wider, filling the whole width of the display screen on a smartphone, and joined directly to every other, which wastes much less area than Marshmallow’s card-like appearance. More than one notification from the equal app also cluster together, which cleans up the notification colour and makes it easier to look what’s what at a look and disregard en masse.

The largest purposeful alternate for notifications, however, is the wider roll out of brief respond features. Google’s apps together with Messenger and Hangouts have had brief reply functions for some time however now essentially each communications’ app ought to have the characteristic.

Users can hit respond from the notification and sort their message immediately into the box beneath the notification, so one can also display a small snippet of the records of the conversation if you haven’t opened the app for the reason that remaining reply.

Quicker brief toggles
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The first degree of the notification coloration pull down now includes a top row of quick toggles, which then pulled down again display the entirety. Photo: Samuel Gibbs for the Dad or mum


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Above notifications Google has also positioned a row of icons for toggling functions such as, Bluetooth, display screen rotation and comparable, which can be quickly tapped with our expanding to the full set of brief toggles. It reduces the quantity of swipes wished to turn off, as an example, by means of one and is an easy, beneficial new addition.

You could customize what seems there, by enhancing what’s inside the top of the overall brief toggles’ pane. Dragging down from the top with palms nonetheless opens up the total short settings’ pane in a single movement.

android 7 nougat assessment
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Multi-window makes Android pills more useful for productiveness and may be used either in landscape or portrait. Picture: Samuel Gibbs for the Mum or dad
Multi-window, or facet-by means of-aspect cut up display support, is the opposite large new useful addition. There are three approaches to prompt it. Pressing and keeping the so-known as assessment button with one app on display invokes the currently used apps listing in a break up-display screen view to choose a 2d app to place on display screen. You could also do it from the recently used apps listing via taping and retaining one of the apps in the listing and dragging to the pinnacle of the display or the left or proper-hand facets if in landscape, permitting you to choose the opposite app from the listing.

A hidden technique activated in the machine UI Tuner works by using swiping up at the screen from the evaluate button.

As soon as in split-display screen mode, Nougat behaves similarly to Home windows and iOS. Customers can drag the black bar in the center to exchange the size of the split, or remove it altogether. Urgent and retaining the evaluation button, which shows as halves while active, will cancel multi-window too.

Android 7 nougat overview
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Portrait multi-window mode on a cellphone isn’t very useful, however panorama cut up-display may be useful on larger devices. Photo: Samuel Gibbs for the Parent
It really works truly properly, with almost each app supporting it. Best a completely small minority of apps actively block it, and those might be up to date within the close to destiny to help multi-window.

It’s a characteristic that ought to were there for a long term for Android drugs and makes them extra efficient as work machines. It’s less beneficial for smartphones, although panorama multi-window on big-display phablets can be useful in conditions where you want to keep an eye on things simultaneously, which include a map and a communication.

Double tap review to interchange to Maximum latest app
Double-tapping the evaluate button will even switch directly to the remaining-used app, which makes bouncing among apps a lot quicker. Reproduction text or hyperlinks among apps is now fast. Different gadgets, inclusive of the OnePlus 3 have had this selection for some time, however it’s true to see it baked into Android.

Longer battery life thanks to Doze
one of the nice bits approximately Android 6.0 Marshmallow turned into the introduction of Doze, a function that helped save battery whilst the telephone or pill wasn’t transferring, which include being placed on a table. It made a large difference to standby battery life.

Android 7.0 Nougat applies the same battery-extending features to whilst the telephone is shifting too. Whilst the display screen is off, Nougat has plenty tighter controls on what can and may’t get admission to records, how frequently and how frequently it wakes the smartphone up. The end result is among 15 and 20% longer battery lifestyles in my trying out on a Nexus 6P.

Facial recognition enhancements
android 7 nougat overview
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Nougat improves Android’s smartlock function, making face matching significantly quicker and more accurate. Photo: Samuel Gibbs for the Father or mother
Google’s smart lock capabilities have been around for some time. They use a combination of sensors to understand whilst to deactivate the display lock and while to make certain the passcode is continually required.

Facial recognition has been available for some time, however the trusted face system has significantly advanced when you consider that Android 6.0 Marshmallow, that’s in particular useful for pills and other devices without a fingerprint scanner. The use of a Pixel C, the machine went from barely useful within the bizarre occasion while it worked to unlocking the tool about eighty% of the time.

In reality, the onlytimes it didn’t recognise my face had been whilst I was wearing sunglasses and overly large headphones.


Average Android Nougat is a remarkable replace. It makes a few sizeable adjustments underneath the hood that offer blessings consisting of longer battery life. The visual tweaks are subtle and Maximum will in all likelihood be masked by the customisations made to Android with the aid of 0.33-celebration manufacturers.

The short-respond additions to notifications feel like they have to were there from the begin. However perhaps the best small tweak that every one manufacturer need to now undertake is the ability to double-faucet the overview button to quickly leap between the ultimate two used apps. It’s so much quicker than bouncing to a menu and back, and takes no dexterity in any respect to prompt.

One component is certain, but – in case you didn’t like Android Marshmallow, Nougat isn’t going to do whatever to alternate your thoughts.

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