Android 8.1 Oreo Multi-Touch Bug may be fixed in June Update


The Google Pixel 2 and the Pixel 2 XL are protected inside the listing of gadgets affected by a multi-contact computer virus in Android 8.1 Oreo. When arms are placed on the show, erratic touchscreen occasions are generated between the two components. The problem is widely widespread in games. However, it’s additionally visible in other apps together with Google Photos. Users who have experienced touchscreen troubles describe them as irritating. What makes the scenario worse is that it’s large, judging by the wide variety of reports on the Google Issue Tracker page.

Last week, we confirmed how Pixel 2 users could flash a Magick Module to repair the issue. XDA Senior Member Freak07 controlled the compilation of the up-to-date libraries (libinput and libinputflinger) against the modern-day April safety patch builds for the Google Pixel 2 XL. Therefore, rooted users of Google gadgets can now, without difficulty, restore this issue by putting in the module. The steps to put in the module were precise in our education.

However, inventory users have been an unnoticed success at this point. Users of other devices also can not flash the module to repair the touchscreen troubles. Therefore, they had been waiting for Google to rectify and replace the problem. Now, Google has the constant pain of the erratic multi-touch conduct on Android eight.1 Oreo. Commit number 640606 in AOSP has been merged as f0d877c. Its name states: “Fix to resample for a couple of tips.” Multiple feedback on the commit kingdom fixes the horrific contact resampling problem on numerous Android 8.1 gadgets, including the Pixel 2 and the Razer Phone. One commentator at the devote states that he has observed no jumpy pointer motion on his Pixel 2, considering applying the patch.

The terrible news is that the fix will no longer be a part of the May protection patch replacement. This should be because the changes were locked down a month earlier. The time frame of the restoration method will only arrive as part of the June safety patch replacement. This means that customers of affected gadgets will wait two months, which is disappointing. Therefore, rooted Pixel 2 users are recommended to flash the Magick module to fix the problem instead of waiting for the authentic restore to reach in June.

So it would help if you started seeing Oreo in many gadgets as Google expands its rollout. The most popular devices for Oreo are Google Pixel, Pixel C, Google Pixel XL, and Xiaomi. Many companies like Huawei, Samsung, Motorola, Sony, HMD Global, and so on have been confirmed to aid the replacement later this 12 months. The employer introduced Project Treble (for those who don’t have a Google-branded cellphone) to ensure that the Android Oreo update comes to many extra devices than the preceding operating machine. Coming to the capabilities and functionality –Here is what you may do when the brand-new replacement arrives.


Smart textual content selection

The text selection feature in Android Oreo goes to ‘Rock’ — because the OS will know to pick all of the text while you try to reproduce and deal with it. The smart textual content selection feature has the potential to tap into the selected text. This characteristic makes it simpler and faster to use the tool. If it is a deal with, it will begin course there. And if it is a telephone quantity, you can dial it at once from the screen.

Video Multitasking

This isn’t always entirely a brand-new feature. However, it can be stated as a complicated version of the present multitasking characteristic. The picture-in-image function of Android Oreo allows customers to replace from one display screen to the opposite without difficulty. For example – if you are watching Netflix and suddenly do not forget an electronic mail you forgot to ship, you can maintain Netflix on the small window and send an e-mail simultaneously. This function is excellent on large and medium display phones. You might be able to pop a video display screen out of its application right into a small panel on the screen, allowing you to use the cell phone while keeping an eye on the motion. You will surely admire the greater versatility and multitasking benefits supplied via this OS.


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Android Oreo allows the notification dots to appear above the apps with pending notifications. This feature is not enabled in preceding versions, making it tough to view new messages. You can perform with a single tap at the dot to get contextual menu movements. Google brought notification dots to apps in Android Oreo, permitting customers to see what’s going on fast without the need to open the app. You can swipe the notification bar and get information about your notifications. This feature is similar to Apple’s 3D Touch-enabled bubble pop-ups. A long press at the small colored circle on the pinnacle rich of the app icon will pop up the show and show more information.


Users want now not to go through the pain of typing facts each time because the ‘Autofill’ characteristic in Android Oreo fills the records routinely. The information is supplied robotically by the OS from the app or web.
Remembering the long passwords is tough. However, it’s hard to live safely while you are online. The preceding model of Android OS allowed you to use some of the weird workarounds to help you reproduce and fill in your account details. The new version of Android Oreo will enable apps to check in as the autofill companies in the device log you in. All you need to do is choose autofill issuer in any language and enter settings. Android will request login info from the app every time you want.

Adaptive app icons

Google is encouraging its users to engage extra with app icons through this new update. It presents tools to make the interactions challenging and engaging. The app icons ought to come alive while the customers interact with them or scroll through the homepage monitors. It’s probably a new characteristic, and we are more interested in what developers can do with it.

Great pace and overall performance

According to Google, Android Oreo will load the apps and boot the device at double the rate of Android Nougat, resulting in slicker operation. Google has achieved a whole load of work below the best to make the quicker iteration of its cellular platform. This enhancement will possibly enhance the overall performance of even cheap gadgets. Google additionally limits the frequency of area updates in heritage for higher machine fitness. It is twice as fast as the previous era with the quicker boot. App builders will love this feature.

Great strength of Google Assistant

The new Android OS offers extra powers to Google Assistant, making it much more beneficial. Google Assistant may be open to developers, who can leverage it within their applications. This method may be used in the utility to bolster programs’ usability in the longer term. This kind of innovation is needed if it is to come to be crucial. Google ensures that Assistant grows and evolves beyond clever devices.

Play extra with the new emoji.

There is no doubt that emojis are firmly enriched in our daily lifestyles. They have got their film, for crying out loud. Google committed itself to the modern-day additions of the ever-expanding emoji circle of relatives in Android Oreo. When presenting users with sparkling emojis, Google falls behind Apple. Including the latest expressions will, in all likelihood, pleasure the Homeland Generation. You can locate more than 60 new emojis. The excellent thing is Google goes to remodel the whole emoji catalog. So, preserve it for a clean, fresh appearance while Android Oreo lands on your device.

Save Battery life

The primary consciousness of Android Oreo is battery existence, pace, and protection with tremendous manipulation over the apps. Google is moving slowly in the direction of its rival Apple’s iOS, with exquisite restrictions on what you can do with the app. The regulations locations on historical past apps reduce the overall performance call for on the device, speeding up the operation. With this approach, all the gadgets will see greater battery existence once Android Oreo is mounted. Google says that Android Oreo is a lot smarter in terms of permitting apps to run in the historical past, decreasing the amount of electricity and cash they use. This leaves more of the battery to apply in duties that you use regularly.

Keyboard navigation

The biggest development in Android Oreo is keyboard navigation. Users can navigate easily with a more dependable and predictable version for “arrow” and “tab” navigation. This feature allows each quit user and builder.

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