LG went to Reddit’s Android community for comments on telephone notches


You may be amazed to hear this; however, telephone notches have been quite controversial: a few humans hate them, other people… Don’t have strong opinions on the problem. But no one loves the notch. So to find out how people are virtually feeling, LG has long passed to Reddit and requested. As noticed with the aid of Android Police, LG’s help team posted in r/Android with the timeless, notion-upsetting query: “What are your thoughts on ‘the Notch’?” “We would really like to accumulate some greater comments to share with our R&D group — and this is wherein you are available,” LG writes. “So… what do you think? Love the Notch? Or is it Notch your component?” (I’m sorry, but the pun is part of the quote, and I can’t put it off.)

It’s not absolutely clear what LG is doing right here. In all likelihood known as the G7, LG’s next phone appears to have already leaked, and it does in truth include a notch. Though it does have one remarkable characteristic: its notch can disappear. A video of the phone suggests that it includes an option to area black bars on both aspects of the notch, exactly like what Huawei is imparting as an option on the P20. So LG seems to be searching out methods to attract to each notch lovers and detractors alike.

It’s also completely possible that LG is genuinely just looking for thrilling approaches to take advantage of the notch through a software program. Going to Reddit’s r/Android community intentionally singles out some of the most passionate cell phone buyers. If LG can seem attentive to their feedback, it may be able to get them interested in the telephone and drum up extra pleasure than the corporation’s phones commonly get (not an awful lot compared to, say, Samsung). For example, here’s LG pretending that a person got here up with a character idea it already planned to put in force:

Android community

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Android community

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