6 Health-Tracking Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed


We live in the future. There won’t be any flying motors (yet), but that smart cellphone you’ve got on your pocket can tell you something you like about your fitness, out of your sugar consumption to your hobby degrees to how you’re sound asleep. You just should have the right app. A lot of health-monitoring apps are advanced to assist human beings to control specific ailments, but there are masses that may be applied to everybody and that you without a doubt need to your phone. Keeping music of your frame is important, and we can not all have the funds for private running shoes or spare the time to fill in health diaries. Thankfully, the generation has stepped in to fill the distance.

If you do sign up for a fitness-tracking app, continually be aware of what it does together with your statistics: the MyFitnessPal app lately found out that a hundred and fifty million users may additionally have had their login details compromised, according to The Verge. So, as with any app, constantly make certain that you examine the first-class print, use particular passwords, and make choices approximately what you share approximately your location and tool. With that stated, health-monitoring apps are a large and growing enterprise, as people opt for the convenience of a source of fitness records that suits in the palm of their fingers. Get into the scientific revolution.

1Charity Miles

Charity Miles
Charity Miles, Free

This app is a jogging log that tracks in which you run and what kind of distance you cowl. The distinction between it and other tracking apps? It fits with corporate companions who praise each mile you cowl (or trudge, or dash) with a donation to a charity of your desire. It’s a way to make the sector better at the same time as also getting a dose of motion, and it also works on treadmills and indoor exercising mats. As lengthy as you are transferring forward, it’ll music it.Image result for 6 Health-Tracking Apps You Didn't Know You Needed


Headspace, Free

Health isn’t all approximately the frame; it is approximately the mind as well. And this meditation and mindfulness app allows you music your intellectual fitness and analyze higher techniques for calming down and soothing tension day by day. It’s one of the maximum famous of its kind, or even has


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guided meditations for youngsters.


Clue, Free

This period-tracking app is an extremely popular download, with proper cause. Input facts about your period and what is going on around it and it’ll assist you to track your cycle, moods, fertility and different troubles around menstruation. It’s a calendar that wants to recognize everything, out of your cervical fluid info to how you ovulate. Being more aware of your cycle is constantly a great issue.


SleepTastic, Free

Want to observe your sleep patterns? This is one of the maximum superior sleep monitoring apps rounds; positioned it by means of your pillow and it’ll locate how you are drowsing and your unique sleep stages all night, and be capable of stack them up in opposition to each other. Sleep is a vital aspect of fitness, and if you’re no longer tuned into how it is affecting your body, you ought to be.

5Stand Up!

Stand Up!
Stand Up!, Free With In-App Purchases

This is a performance app that still allows your fitness by way of reminding you to preserve shifting during your day. It’s particularly helpful for folks who work desk jobs; you could use it to keep a schedule and now have small “alarms” that notify you that it is time to get up, have a walk around and get some physical exercising.



Want to track your mental health? Happify permits you to comply with “happiness tracks” that help you conquer negative mind, use guided meditation, and spot how your mood is shifting through the years. It can be useful for people with tension disorders or temper issues who need a little help outside of remedy periods, however, the meditation guides and different suggestions and hints are beneficial for everybody who desires to sense happier day-to-day.

Pring is stunning, isn’t it? The sky is blue; the plant life is a rainbow of satisfaction; the birds are singing inside the bushes; the roving clouds of pollen blow across the expressway- OH GOD NO!

That’s right, my pals, ‘Tis the season that puts the suffer in ‘hypersensitive reaction victim,’ and whether or not your poison is tree pollen, grass pollen, mildew spores, dirt, or dander, you pleasant now not go away the house before you do two matters. The first is to test your every day hypersensitive reaction forecast and the second is to medicate before the microscopic miscreants can deliver their distress. There are many apps to test the hypersensitivity forecast, and those are the first-rate.

WebMD Allergy
Allergy forecastAllergy articlesAllergy symptom tracker

WebMD can be a blessing or a curse relying on how fanatically you search it seeking to suit your signs and symptoms, however, their allergic reaction app is blessedly easy to use and have to keep the hypochondriacs among us from respiratory any tougher than our hypersensitive reactions already do. The WebMD hypersensitivity app has a fashionable breakdown of allergies which are in the air these days but lacks destiny forecasting like the rest of our list. There is a nice map so one can show allergic reaction severity county with the aid of county in a smooth to use map.

What it lacks in forecasting, it makes up in motives and literature. This makes feel: in spite of everything, WebMD is a clinical database full of causes for signs and symptoms and illnesses. If you scroll via the app for more than a minute, you will be treated with hyperlinks for a dozen hypersensitive reaction related articles and entries. If you want greater data approximately allergic reactions, this app has it for you. If you need to realize what hypersensitive reactions are going to do for the next week, you will want to hold moving.Image result for 6 Health-Tracking Apps You Didn't Know You Needed


Allergy forecastAllergy symptom trackingHourly forecast
Zyrtec is one of the most popular over-the-counter antihistamines on the market, so it has a vested interest in making sure that its customers understand how terrible pollen is outdoor in order that they understand if and what kind of allergic reaction medication they need to take. AllergyCast is a shiny app, bathed in the color corresponding to present day allergic reaction forecast, which most days are going to be vivid goldenrod. You can see which pollens are maximum in the meanwhile and the general allergic reaction forecast. You can also tune your allergic reaction signs daily if you need to track them on your immunologist.

As this app is made and maintained by Zyrtec, there is, of course, a whole phase approximately their allergic reaction merchandise to help ease your suffering. That stated it is pretty easy to avoid looking at their merchandise, their logos in the app are frequently small, and the app is responsive and short, even though the allergic reaction forecast may want to use a bit extra precision.


Weather Channel, powered by Flonase
Allergy PollenPollen ForecastAllergy Mold
The Weather Channel is the maximum famous climate service within the USA, and with forecasts for just about any out of doors hobby, it ought to come as no wonder that it has a robust allergic reaction forecast in its app. And it is backed by using Flonase, that means that it is not absolutely full of commercials just like the rest of the Weather Channel app.

The forecast is split into three sections, pollen for bushes, grass, and ragweed, respiratory for asthmatics, and mold for the dread fungus. Pollen and Breathing show forecasts for the following seven days, however, mold does now not, which is a bummer due to the fact mold is a 12 months-long allergen instead of extra seasonal pollens.

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