Things know when you are looking for the right fertility doctor:


Most of us have been there. The fact that infertility is common, we need to accept another fact as well. That is, the awareness level of infertility is very less among common citizens. By common citizens, we mean the people in tier-2 and tier-3 who are just exposed to the internet and science. Sex education is typically lower within this category of people. But these are the masses who decide the growth and progress of the country. Now getting back to the core discussion, since infertility awareness is deficient, most of them do not even know that IVF treatments exist. Thanks to the grapevines, people have started to discuss this within the 4 walls. But we really do not have any idea how many couples are comfortable discussing infertility with each other.

fertility doctor

Most of the IVF clinics in Gurgaon conduct camps near my municipalities and villages to create awareness. There are many perceptions around infertility treatment; some of them are the cost associated with the treatment. In general, IVF treatments can be expensive, but it has the associated benefit, conception. Reversal of infertility is the most sought-after one when a person is diagnosed with infertility. The reason is, most of us think IVF treatments are artificial, and there are a lot of fertility hospitals with fake advertisements claiming a natural pregnancy. Reversal of fertility is very subjective to a person’s fertility health. By fertility health, we mean the sperm count and its health.

If you plan to visit a fertility doctor at a fertility clinic in Mumbai or any other city, make sure you evaluate certain criteria before you admit yourself to the treatment. The first and foremost thing is the doctor’s empathy and responsiveness to your issues and the way he handles the subject. Try asking as many questions as possible. A good doctor will have the patience and the knowledge to answer all your queries satisfyingly. The second important thing to look out for is the reputation of the hospital and the success they have seen in the fertility treatments they have attempted so far. The legacy of a good hospital will talk for itself the moment you enter the hospital with polite staff, strong and happy faces around, and a clear guideline on the treatment to achieve the best success. Most of this information is publicly available on the internet, which you can access.

The final part is the cost. Evaluating the cost can be tricky. Get to know the breakup of the cost involved from the moment you arrive at the hospital till the treatment is over. Ask questions here as well regarding the hidden costs that are involved. Also, ask for the payment options like insurance and EMI facilities which most hospitals offer nowadays.

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