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Here Are Some Of The Simple And Effective Home Renovation Tips For Bungalows


Planning to improve the aesthetics and the overall sales value? Well, here’s an idea for the house renovation that never fails! With the perfect combination of a good amount of research, brainstorming, consultation of experts, along wise financial planning, you can be rest assured that the project’s real-time execution will be a smooth and safe run.

With the below-mentioned factors, one will be able to make logical and practical decisions, which will help avoid any rework at a later stage. Let us dig deeper into the basics so that timely and correct implementation helps you achieve the desired result for renovating your bungalow.


Carry out assessment of the property’s current potential:

The idea to carry out assessment should be to evaluate and segregate the areas which need remodelling and arrive at an estimated cost for the same. If you are aware of the inevitable problems in advance, a realistic renovation plan can be developed.

Developing a design strategy:

A thorough analysis needs to be conducted at this stage, wherein you conclude whether to blend or extend changes within the existing structure or need to remodel the entire structure altogether. At the end, you should have a logical blueprint ready so that no executed process would require to be undone later.

Analysing costs and preparing a budget:

It is necessary to conduct a room-wise research of the total house with the guidance of an architectural designer. The areas to be included can be as follows –

· Renovation service costs such as – plastering, polishing, roof repair, bathroom fittings, electrical wiring, painting, etc.

· Installing a new flooring.

· Room additions while keeping the layout of the bungalow in mind.

The major priorities should be chalked out first and an additional buffer of about 10-20% should be set out for any unforeseen exigencies during project implementation. The purpose of this step is to decide whether the renovation plan is financially viable or not. There are several personal loans available to support the cost involved in executing a renovation. Focus should be on interiors as well as exteriors as both aspects are equally important. Personal loans will help to prevent a dent on your savings and will be an ideal option to furnish your finance requirements.

Areas like room additions may incur huge costs and even though may be required, could be a burden while renovating. Hence, careful assessment of the natural architecture is needed.

Execution of Renovation Work:

Starting with stabilizing the current foundations, checking the security drainage system, and uncovering any kind of hidden problems and lastly modifying the structures with extensions or conversions as required. Activities like waterproofing, openings for the windows and doors are implemented. Simple ideas like utilising a lighter shade of paint to add some brightness to the living room can go a long way. Extra space can be created in the kitchen by reorganizing and recycling old cabinets. The idea is to build sustainable balance for the long-term hence investment in good wiring and plumbing is a must.

Decorating your home:

Getting to the depth of your personal style so that one look at the renovated house and radiates the essence of your style will be mark true victory. You can work around with your favoured colour schemes, and keep the designs minimalistic and classic. You may do away with non-environment friendly objects and donate all you do not need to charity. You may consider installing French windows that will bring in natural light and improve ventilation. To add a personal touch, you can decorate the walls with ancient paintings from when the house was first built. House plants can be kept in the living room and on the balcony and terrace. There is no end to decorating rooms with photo frames and hand-made paintings of your family. Installing white mosaic tiles in combination with glass partitions will do wonders for your home.

Hence, to implement your dream project, you can consider the support of personal loans as they offer a decent personal loan interest rate. You can also check out the personal loan plans available and compare personal loan interest rates as per your budget. The free online personal loan EMI calculator will help arrive at an estimated monthly EMI and is easy to use. Now that you understand it well, get ready to walk into your dream house!

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