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Places you can buy your new mattress



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On average, you spend like 25 years of your life sleeping, so you must take some time out to make sure the mattress you’ve bought gives you your money’s worth. Experts recommend changing your bed after 5-10 years or if your mattress gives you sleepless nights, or if you wake up with aches and pains. Buying a new mattress gives you the option of going to a brick-and-mortar store or an online store, giving you the freedom to test the mattresses. This makes it difficult to make a decision. Once you decide to buy a new mattress, you need to know a few things, like your sleeping position and your mattress preferences, like whether you need a mattress for hot sleepers or one that helps with back pain.

If you feel uncomfortable or awkward going to a mattress store and lying down on the mattresses to test them out with so many people around, you can go online and make your purchase online. But before you make any purchases, there are different places you can purchase your mattress.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled a list of the different places you can buy your new mattress.

Direct from the company

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Buying directly from an online mattress company is an excellent place to start. This way, you don’t deal with intermediaries, you can get the mattress at a lower price, and you can ask direct questions and get immediate answers without any sugarcoated information. You also get a more extended sleep trial period and a money-back guarantee if you want to return the mattress.

However, with all the benefits of buying your mattress online directly from the company, the drawback is you don’t get the chance to try out the mattress before buying it. To remedy this, most companies have showrooms in some major cities where you can try out the bed you want to buy.


Some online mattress companies have showrooms in selected cities across the country. Showrooms are costly to maintain, but they’re convenient because they have various mattress brands unless they’re for a specific company. They help sleepers try out their favorite options. The best part is you can try out the mattress you want to buy, but the worst part is you will buy the mattress at a higher price. Online mattress companies like Helix, Tuft & Needle, Casper, Brooklyn bedding, etc., have showrooms in the country’s selected cities.


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These are usually online websites that sell different brands and various products. Various mattress companies also sell mattresses to increase sales by getting more exposure on other fronts. Amazon and Mattress warehouse are good examples of marketplaces that offer excellent customer service and fast shipping because of the large volumes of products they push through their doors daily.

However, one disadvantage of buying your mattress in these marketplaces is that they don’t offer comprehensive warranties, while others have short trial periods or none. This is something you need to put in your list of essential things when buying a new mattress.

Hybrid stores/specialty stores

These companies have both the brick and mortar venues and an online presence. Combining the two helps them have a wider reach of customers. Companies like Tempur-Pedic, Mattress warehouse, and Sleep number are hybrid because they have an online presence and an in-store. The best thing about these stores is that you can try the mattress from an actual store before making your purchase, but the disadvantage is their prices are higher than buying online directly from the company. That being said, you can try out the mattress you want to buy, and if you’re satisfied it’s the mattress you wish to, you can buy it online.

Department stores

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Department stores like Sears and Macy’s don’t only sell mattresses; they sell a wide variety of other products but have a place dedicated to selling mattresses. These stores make it convenient for you to shop for a bed as you do your regular shopping. They have an amiable sales staff, and you can make your purchases using your credit card, making it quick and very easy.

The disadvantage is you may not have a wide variety of brands to choose from, and the mattresses can be a bit more expensive than if purchased online. Also, the available brands could be biased because of the kind of customer loyalty they have, and the sales and the physical space in the store could limit the different brands that can be stored.


Why you should shop online

  • Whether you shop directly from the company or through marketplaces, the online prices are much lower because there is no intermediary.
  • Online shopping allows you to view a broader and more excellent selection in the market by just clicking.
  • If you don’t like going to crowded department stores or going around looking for the best mattress, or you want to avoid the pushy salespeople, you can shop in the comfort of your home.
  • You can read online reviews of other people’s experiences with the mattress you want to buy to see if it fits what you want.

Why you should shop in-store

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If you need to feel the mattress before making any purchases, visiting a regular store is the only way to accomplish that. This also means there is no return policy.

If you want to buy a mattress that caters to your preferences and you’re not concerned about the mattress’s price, you need to head to a store. It might take a bit more time to get the right mattress, but if you’ve already made up your mind and stick to your decision, it will be quick.

Are you now ready to buy your new mattress?

Buying a new mattress can be a great or unpleasant experience depending on where you do your shopping. Whether online or in-store, make sure you know what you want, the price, and the return policy. Do your research before purchasing a mattress because you’re investing in your life.

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