Google Lens On iPhone Will Let You Find Local Deals and Save Money.


It’s not the first time Google has tried to get Google Lens on iPhones. The company launched its Google Lens app in 2017 to access information like reviews, prices, contact info, and more on products using just your smartphone’s camera. But it only worked for Android phones at the time.  Google just announced they are launching a new feature for their Google Lens app, allowing users to find local deals instantly.

Did you know that a free smartphone app now is ca Google Lens lets you perform actions on images? For example, you could point your camera at a picture of a restaurant menu and then get directions to it using Google Maps. If you want to save money, you can even use Lens to find local businesses that offer discounts or coupons.

You can use this technology to find deals in your area instantly. This will enable you to get the best prices when you shop. Google has introduced an app called Google Lens on your iPhone. It works with the camera of your phone to recognize objects. Now you can get information about local businesses in front of you just by looking at things around you, without having to unlock your phone.

Google Lens On iPhone

Google Lens is coming to the iPhone.

If you haven’t heard of Lens before, it’s the latest iteration of Google’s “Magic Lens” feature. Magic Lens is a computer vision tool that enables you to perform actions on images. With Lens, you can translate a language on a restaurant menu or recognize a product and order it. It uses a technology called Deep Vision, which has been around for a while and can already identify objects.

The magic happens when you point your camera at something, like a menu, and the computer can recognize the object and understand what it is. You then get an option to “translate” the text, find similar items, and even see additional information like ingredients and reviews.

How to use Google Lens to scan items in stores for discounts

Google Lens is a free smartphone app that allows you to perform actions on images. For example, you could point your camera at a picture of a restaurant menu and then get directions to it using Google Maps.

The Google Lens team recently announced that they are rolling out a new feature to allow users to find local deals by instantly scanning items in-store. This means you can get a discount if you take a picture of an article in a store and then save it to your camera roll.

How Google Lens Works

As the name suggests, Google Lens works by overlaying visual data on top of an image. It has been built into the Google Pixel, Pixel XL, and Pixel 2 phones. It is also available as an app for iPhones, Android phones, and iPads. Google Lens has been around for a few years and was originally only available on the web. Now it is a native mobile app.

Google Lens is very simple to use. Just take a picture of something, and Google Lens will overlay that image with the information from the internet. This information can include the price of an item, directions to a location, or reviews of that item. The data is usually based on Google’s database. But if the thing is not in the database, you can add it yourself.

There is a variety of features in Google Lens. For example, you can add the price of an item, or you can see the rating of a movie. The app has a wide range of functionality, and many more features are coming in the future.

What is the Google Lens app for?

Google Lens has been around for a little while but only recently have they released a dedicated app. The Google Lens app is designed to bring the power of Google Lens to the mobile phone. The app itself is built on the concept of the “see, find, do” functionality that the Google Search app has always been able to do. For example, you can point your phone at a restaurant and get directions, or you can use it to scan an object in your house and find out what it is.

What are Google Lens’s advantages?

Google Lens is a brand new technology from Google that is built into Google Photos. With Google Lens, you can perform actions on images you take with your smartphone. With Google Lens, you can translate text into images, find recipes, and search for places nearby. You can even see what is on sale in your area.

How does it work?

Once you download the app, you’ll be prompted to add your photos to Google Photos. After that, you’ll see a small icon on the bottom right corner of your screen. Tap on it to launch Google Lens. When you’re ready, point your camera at a restaurant. Then tap on the “I’m here” button. If you’re looking for a specific dish, you can also select it by pointing your camera at it. After that, Google Lens will display the results. You can zoom in and out to see more details and tap on the “Go” button to get the location.

Frequently Asked Questions Google Lens

Q: Why would I use Google Lens on my iPhone?

A: With Google Lens on your iPhone, you can instantly translate a business name or barcode from any language. Google Lens will automatically scan and identify products in your photos and show prices, making it easy to find deals or shop confidently. You’ll also see price comparisons in real-time from any store.

Q: How does Google Lens on iPhone work?

A: When you point your camera at an object, Google Lens will recognize it and quickly translate the text on its barcode into English. If there are no results, Google Lens may suggest that you add more items to the search. In addition, Google Lens will compare the prices of products in the image or video with prices on other online stores and tell you if you are getting a better deal. You can click through and buy directly from the merchant if you wish.

Top 3 Myths About Google Lens

1. Google Lens Will Make My Shopping Easier.

2. I Can Use Google Lens To Look Up Local Stores.

3. I Can Use Google Lens To Find Out What Is New In My Area.


Google Lens is a new feature that has been added to the latest update of the Google Search app. The ability to quickly scan and identify items and information is very cool. However, it doesn’t seem to offer a lot of functionality. Many websites are just offering reviews of things. The Google Lens feature allows you to do that and find stores nearby, price check, add items to a cart, and more.

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