7 Mobile Apps to Upgrade Your iOS 7 Experience


From the moment it was downloaded to the moment, iOS 7 is the most radical reboot of Apple’s mobile working machine because the App’s appearance was up to the moment in 2008. However, there’s no reason to update its default programs by myself. While the update comes pre-loaded with the eye-popping, intuitive software program, more than a million independently made apps greatly improve the iPhone’s functionality. These seven apps, which can be longtime iOS favorites, are up-to-date installs, upgrading the new working system far higher than any innovation from Apple headquarters.

Mobile Apps

Call Bliss

When Apple released iOS 6, it additionally unleashed Do Not Disturb, a protracted-overdue placing that allows up-to-the-minutemers up to the moment to dam calls and texts from precise contacts in the course of positive times. Call Bliss takes that concept and cranks it in up-to-the-minute excessive equipment, adding location-up-to-date preferences in an up-to-the-minute mix.

For instance, you may fend off calls from your mythical soccer friends while you’re at work; however, if you step out up to the moment of lunch, the call will go through. The loose App uses place offerings up-to-the-minutes the moment and rancid name blockading, so users don’t have up-to-the-moment worry about flipping it on or off. Meanwhile, “constantly allowed” callers can reach you everywhere and anytime, and contact Bliss’s “Blacklist Mode” hushes unknown callers and all and sundry else you would alternatively omit, like telemarketers, anywhere and usually.


With region- and time-up-to-date activities, Apple’s Reminders app is a one-way up-to-the-minute jog to your memory. However, with tiny checkboxes and a bland take on list management, it is probably the least profitable up-to-date App up to the minute. Clean, the swipe-and-pinch satisfying interface that released 1,000 limits up-to-the-minutes up to date the first-rate, relying on easy controls up-to-the-minute manipulate lists and tasks. Whether swiping up-to-the-minute, going off an item, or pinching up-to-date a listing, the $.ninety-nine apps allow cusp to the moment to feel like they finished something.

But the consumer pays attention: Clear’s developer is constructing a new app for iOS 7, so don’t throw a dollar down on this until you have upgraded the brand-running system. At the same time as the iOS, six models will nevertheless paint up-to-date and up-to-the-minute and not get hold of additional enhancements. However, the new version might be a regular app up-to-date work on the iPad, up-to-the-minute, and with iCloud syncing, lists may be shared throughout devices.


Serviceable, however, no longer very dynamic, Apple’s Calendar app does the entirety you’d assume an unfastened, operating machine-included software up to date does, and little more. In any case, its large promotion is that turning the iPhone up to date landscape mode adjusts the show from a monthly calendar up to the minute, a weekly one. Fantastical offers your day planner Siri-like powers, using natural language processing to-the-moment gadgets for your calendar. Just say, “Networking lunch with Jane on Thursday at noon,” and it is penciled in. The App might appear overpriced at $four in an age of voice instructions. Ninety-nine. But compared to the moment pecking out your appointment details, it’s well worth the one-time investment. An introduced bonus: the App’s “DayTicker” view is an intuit, up-to-date picture of an agenda, allowing one to slide through the days of the instead up-to-the-momentent tapping on one day in a monup-to-the-momentent calendar.

Once I want weather facts, Yahoo is probably the 20 news supply that comes to thoughts. But, for some reason, Apple’s climate app pulls its points from them as soon as it becomes a dominant search engine. (In fairness, Yahoo draws forecasts from the Weather Channel.) In the meantime, uses 18 distinct data assets from across the globe, cobbling up-to-the-moment forecasts so accurately that it’s gotten the rainfall accurate down to the minute in my Pacific Northwest perch. The minimalist layout is person-friendly and intuitive, with a smooth interface. And up-to-the-minute make matters even more simple; is surely an HTML5 website, now not an app. So it is loose up to date, and in no way wishes to be up to date on the App.


Even before the Apple Maps meltdown in 2012, navigation apps were a hot subject on iOS. For years, the iPhone’s first-rate GPS has been Navigon. Don’t be discouraged by the aid of the fee — it starts at $29, depending on which geographic region of the App you purchase. Navigon functions well, with lane assist diagrams, Glympse arrival notifications, and iCloud integration, making it handy for drivers up to the moment. But the in-app purchases punch up the program, giving up-to-the-minute capacity, up-to-the-minute feature to the-moment 3-D panoramas, stay up-to-the-minute up-to-the-moment reporting, radar trap alerts, and cockpit-fashion riding statistics up to the moment the iPhone into a full-fledged co-pilot. Yes, different apps offer those capabilities for much less. However, none provide drivers with such a smooth-on-the-eyes application.


Apple’s Voice Memos app is fairly straightforward; however, it could be a frustrating user enjoyment for whatever past informal use. For example, the App’s recordings are synced to the operating device through iTunes preferences. And the files it creates can be large, so they commonly can’t be emailed. Rev information audio just as easily as Voice Memos but allows up-to-the-minutemers and up-to-the-minute documents with Dropbox, making them easier to date, archive, proportion, and control. But the free App’s up-to-date function is its push-but-up-to-the-moment voice-up to the date-textual content carrier, which uploads the document up to date a faraway transcriptionist, who types up the record with 98 percent accuracy within 48 hours. The transcription charges $1 according to up-to-the-moment minute, which is an aggressive price, and offers time stamping and verbatim offerings for 25 cents in step with an extra minute. The textual content files are each emailed up to the moment the user and related to the recording within the App, making for a no-up-to-the-minutes the, up-to-the-moment-essential observe-taking solution.



Little has modified with Snapseed, given that its developer, Nik software, became snatched up via Google in late 2012. As Apple’s 2011 iPad app of the year, it performs equally properly on the smaller iPhone screen, permitting up-to-date, up-to-the-minute manipulation up to date with an array of updates consisting of polishing, softening, awareness improvements, and tilt transferring.

And with nearly a dozen frames and endlessly cusp to datemizable unfashionable image filters, Snapseed edits circles around Apple’s paltry up-to-the-minute pictures app, making it a required software for any avid Instagram person. However, Google did tweak one face up to the moment about the App: it is the rate. Up-to-date up-to-the-minute is one App you can’t have enough money for not up-to-the-minute downloads.

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