What is the Eligibility Criteria for Bihar Student Credit Cards?


The Bihar Student Credit Card Yojana, or MNSSBY, colloquially called the BSCC (Bihar Student Credit Card), is a Government of India plan that aims to provide financial assistance to students from the lower-income group students of Bihar. Financial aid is given with the support of the banking industry, and affordable terms and conditions prevail when a student avails of this scheme.

Student Credit Cards

What is the need for credit cards?

The need for credit cards arises when one is a student. Students can not only pay for course fees through a credit card but also fund additional expenses to meet educational needs, such as payments towards books and equipment like laptops that they may require. Besides, with a credit card, students can fund expenses upfront without dipping into their own money and paying off loans later, as with the BSCC.

What is the Eligibility for Credit Cards?

When you apply for a credit card, you will have to meet certain credit card eligibility criteria, as listed below:

  • Credit Score – If you apply for a credit card, you must show creditworthiness, depending on the type of card you want. A good credit score, as determined by CIBIL in the range of 700-900, shows you have creditworthiness.
  • Employment Status – Depending on the credit card you want and its purpose, you may have to show proof of income.
  • Age – Different banks and financial institutes have different age criteria for applying for a credit card, ranging from 18 toto 70 years old.
  • Identity and Address Proof – You must show proof of identity and a residential address in India and be an Indian citizen.

Eligibility criteria vary according to the credit card applied for.

About Student Credit Cards

A student credit card is targeted for students to meet their study goals in a particular course. Some student credit cards are issued for specific periods of study, for instance, only science programs or undergraduate studies, etc.

About Bihar Student Credit Cards

Here are the features and benefits of Bihar Student Credit Cards:

  • The BSSC is meant for those students who have passed their 12th class and cannot pursue higher education due to financial hurdles.
  • Students must have passed the 12th class from any educational institution falling under the purview of the Government of Bihar.
  • This credit card wishes to boost the education of students in Bihar as financial constraints prevent students from pursuing higher education. With this card to encourage students to enroll in graduate courses, the Government of Bihar hopes to raise the state’s education standard.

About BSCC Eligibility Criteria

To meet credit card eligibility for the BSCC, you have to fulfill the following:

  • You must be an Indian citizen and a resident of Bihar
  • The maximum age limit is 25 years
  • Student applicants must have completed the 12th class from recognized institutions, like those under the Central Board of Secondary Education.
  • Institutes for further study should be located in Bihar state and selected for a higher study course.
  • The student must have an Aadhar Card and a PAN card

The Last Word

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