The Biggest Gainers and Losers Over ‘Education’s Lost Decade’


This is the modern-day article in The 74’s ongoing ‘Big Picture’ series, bringing American schooling into sharper focus through new research and information. Go Deeper: See our complete series. This week’s release of scores from the 2017 National Assessment of Educational Progress confirmed the gloomy suspicions of many within the training network: On average, American K-12 getting to know is stuck wherein it has been for numerous rounds of trying out.

NAEP is a biennial examination, now and again referred to as the “Nation’s Report Card,” that measures the math and analyzing the performance of students enrolled in the fourth and 8th grades. Although the check measured robust boom throughout age and challenge regions throughout the No Child Left Behind early days, nationwide rankings have been basically flat considering that 2007. One training professional has known as this period of inertia “training’s lost decade.”



A ‘Lost Decade’ for Academic Progress? NAEP Scores Remain Flat Amid Signs of a Widening Gap Between Highest and Lowest Performers. But even at the same time as the united states of America’s overall performance has been stalled since before the onset of the Great Recession, a few jurisdictions have an honestly visible growing performance during that time. For numerous excessive-flying states and towns, in truth, the beyond 10 years represent a jump ahead in instructional fulfillment.

In 19 states and the District of Columbia, check rankings have made statistically massive jumps in more than one age/situation groupings all through the lost decade. Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, and Nevada all noticed enhancements in three out of four age/concern groupings. Mississippi, one of the backside-appearing states for training inside us, made progress in all four, as did Utah and the District of Columbia.

Source: National Center for Education Statistics

D.C. It has been NAEP’s happiest tale over the “misplaced decade,” gaining the maximum ground of any jurisdiction in fourth-grade studying (sixteen points) and both fourth- and eighth-grade math (18 factors). In all 3 groups, the District’s overall increase in factors considering that 2007 changed into a minimum double that of some other kingdom. The period whilst this development befell coincided with a decade of aggressive academic reforms, including mass closures of failing colleges and the debut of a remodeled teacher assessment device that had been induced by using then-Mayor Adrian Fenty after which-Chancellor Michelle Rhee.

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D.C.’s halo as a reformed capital has dimmed lately with the exposure of tremendous inflation of high school graduation fees (and a bevy of smaller scandals besides, one among which recently forced DCPS Chancellor Antwan Wilson to resign). But the town can justifiably say that its college students have made the largest strides everywhere in the country during the last 10 years.


D.C. High Schools Come Under Fire After Report Confirms Widespread Graduation Scandal at Ballou. Other pinnacle-performing cities include Chicago and Atlanta, which have visible statistically enormous gains in all four age/problem groupings of NAEP’s Trial Urban District Assessment (a group of 27 large urban districts whose test results are measured and tracked like states) for the reason that 2007. Scores in Los Angeles have jumped in 3 out of 4 groupings, and San Diego and Boston have made enhancements in two out of 4.

Biggest Gainer

A word on city outcomes: Though the TUDA software commenced in 2002, many districts have best these days volunteered to participate. Consequently, some districts of hobby don’t have long-walking NAEP information. But simply in view that 2013, late entry Miami-Dade County has boosted its ratings in fourth-grade reading and math. Unfortunately, the news isn’t pleasant for every mayor and governor. Ten states (Alaska, Delaware, Kansas, Montana, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Vermont, and Wisconsin) saw declines throughout multiple age/situation pairings. Alaska, Delaware, Montana, North Dakota, and Vermont have all visible the most important declines in scholar scores in three out of four groupings because of 2007.

For towns, the most important losers when you consider that 2013 encompass Philadelphia (down in fourth- and 8th-grade math), Dallas (down in fourth-grade reading and eighth-grade math), and Baltimore (down in fourth- and eighth-grade reading and fourth-grade math). It’s also worth keeping in mind that this year’s check departs pretty substantially from previous iterations as it turned into administered to students on capsules rather than paper and pencil. The shift has spurred some hypotheses approximately whether or not low-income students, who’re much less in all likelihood to get entry to the records era at domestic, might see their scores artificially depressed due to unfamiliarity with checking out the layout.

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