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Blog SEO: 5 Tips To Improve Ranking and Increase Traffic


SEO stands for search engine optimization and has been an on and stale topic of conversation since the sunrise of search engines. Extra currently, unfastened blogging sites consisting of Blogger and phrase Press have delivered website management at once into the hands of human beings delivering content with no prerequisite know-how of HTML. Even as those running a blog website provide clean-to-use and strong services, they often leave something to be desired in search engine optimization, all over again bringing the topic to the foreground of discussion. Right here are a few easy things you may do to optimize your blog to enhance your ranking and increase site visitors.

Increase Traffic

1. Identify Tags! You’re It…

One of the simplest modifications you can make to get Google and different famous search engines like google to categorize your blog correctly is to “repair” your default name tags. Each Blogger and phrase Press doesn’t use an ideal titling scheme for weblog pages, specifically, if you are using a third birthday celebration layout. Phrase Press has a handy plug-in to address this known as search engine optimization title-Tag. Even as Blogger doesn’t have such a stylish solution, optimizing your name is simplest depending on changing a pair of strains of HTML. To do this, visit the format and click on “Edit HTML.” Now discover and trade the road:

  • <data:blog.pageName&gt;blog&gt;
  • To this:
  • <data:blog.pageName&gt;blog&gt; | <data:blog.title&gt;blog&gt;
  • <data:blog.pageTitle&gt;blog&gt;

This magical code sets your principal pages to identify with being the call of your blog, even as subpages have titles in shape: “these newsletters identify | My weblog’s call.” you may customize this however you need, but I’ve gotten pretty top results in this way.

2. Meta-Morphosis

Search engines’ reliance on meta-tags has really faded, largely because of abuse using site owners overstuffing them to improve their web page’s ranking. However, they may be nevertheless used to a sure volume, mainly by non-Google engines like google, so meta tags can nevertheless play a role in SEO. Tags that could and need to be used are creator, keywords, Description, and (in some cases) Robots. The primary three are quite self-explanatory and may be inserted anywhere among the top tags like so:

Word: if you want to go the greater mile, you can also set your description tags to dynamically encompass the objects identified, similar to the manner we did for the name tags. In Blogger, if you appear to disable the “upload your blog to our listings?” alternative, it robotically provides the tag. In brief, this tells seek engine spiders not to index or comply with hyperlinks for your blog and can be very horrific for search engine optimization. Make sure this selection is disabled.

3. Manual Submission

Google does an exquisite process of crawling the web and finding new websites. However, if you’re impatient like I or Google, it takes place to overlook your website; you can always submit your URL manually. You could also publish an XML sitemap, which might also assist your ranking as nicely, with the aid of using Google’s Webmaster tools. Just use an RSS or Atom feed. This is robotically generated by way of Blogger and Word Press. They can regularly (but now not always) be located at “” or “”

4. Feeding Frenzy

As I referred to earlier, maximum popular blogging websites now mechanically generate an XML information feed via RSS or Atom. An exceptional device for publishing and customizing your feeds is with FeedBurner, which is now owned with the aid of Google and simpler than ever to combine with your website and your Google Webmaster equipment. Publishing a feed for your weblog enables search consequences and keeping readers usually engaged with your blog.

Blog SEO

5. Weblog well, weblog frequently, Make pals

All other SEO hints and hints aside, the pleasant manner of growing traffic is to have a continuous motion of compelling and nicely-written content material. Stay proper to this, and you will now not best earn new readers; you will preserve those you have already got. It would help if you also made friends to boom the probability of humans linking to your website online. Search engines maintain music of how frequently your page is connected, so as a popular rule, the extra links for your weblog are higher.

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