Why can’t local government and open source be friends?


You’ve got to love the liberty of Statistics act. Specifically, in stark terms, its ability to show pretty how badly nearby authorities can screw up. Yes, Birmingham City Council, I’m afraid I am searching for you. Heather Brooke, who kicked off the whole MP’s prices factor, made an FOI request to Birmingham CC approximately a website it becomes constructing. And what do you know? The price of the website went from a budgeted £580,000 in summer 2005 too, um, £2.8m via the contemporary estimate. It was also late. This could be brought about by concerns inside the council that it is probably the issue of ridicule; this now not being helped by using the fact that simply while it became due to move to stay in March, a person noticed that it could not manage pound or euro signs and symptoms, nor apostrophes or quotation marks. (while the ten 000 pages were migrated from the vantage device to the brand new one, the one’s characters – and the only straight away following – were given deleted.) It is a bold venture, basically seeking to knit 35 sites working underneath the council’s umbrella into an unmarried one. However, its prices ballooned madly Sky Birds.

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You can not recognize whether to snicker or cry at this, even though I suspect the council taxpayers of Birmingham have something else in thoughts concerning pitchforks and flaming torches. Even though the plan becomes for the website online to head live this week, it hasn’t. It would be satisfactory to suppose that the failure to write a specification where non-alphanumeric characters aren’t recognized is a complete one-off in government. Lamentably, it is not: as I found for myself more than a year again when the usage of the Department of labor and Pensions site, the checking out there had never considered (a) that a person would possibly get admission to it the usage of any other device than one strolling Home windows (b) that they may hit the “go back” key to create new paragraphs.

Thus filling in a shape with roughly 60 pages, quite a few of which required multi-paragraph answers, caused a confusing failure to work, no longer as soon as However twice. It took various very lengthy and irritating telephone calls till the DWP people managed to recreate the problem. The personnel couldn’t be extra inclined to help. However, their palms had been tied by the truth that they hadn’t written the specification and had to play detective to figure out what turned into incorrect.

However, the Birmingham case does appear egregious. And who’s the associate building the website online? It turns out to be a joint challenge among Birmingham CC and Capita – which has an extended record of making exact cash from crucial and neighborhood authorities contracts. Capita runs the Tv Licensing scheme, it runs the congestion price gadget on behalf of Shipping for London, and it also runs the training for some of local councils the usage of the “Voice Risk Evaluation” device – described by means of one scientist as being “on the astrology cease of the validity spectrum”, which hasn’t stopped the authorities spending more than £2m on it. Mainly, the DWP has funded the device – at councils, including Birmingham. A brilliant twist of fate, you will agree.

The hassle is that the internet site never stood a chance. No one seems to have stood up in an assembly and stated: “you understand, there’re masses of superb open supply content material control structures (CMS) obtainable – there’s one called WordPress which is loose and eminently customizable.” This is strange, as WordPress was available (and as stable as any CMS) in 2005, runs on MySQL and Php (which can be each loose merchandise utilized by a number of the largest agencies within the global, which includes airlines and Yahoo). And there are lots of programmers around with MySQL and Hypertext Preprocessor skills.

Even when the project bumped into a problem in December 2007 (scroll down the timeline there), they nonetheless should have changed. WordPress changed into being followed an increasing number of broadly in important government: a developing number of government departments use it for their blogs, together with Downing Road.

Why wasn’t it desirable enough for Birmingham? Evidently, there’s a winning attitude in a few components of local and central authorities that thinks that in case you (sincerely, taxpayers) are not paying via the nostril. You definately‘re no longer getting a cash price. No longer authentic, of direction; ask Twitter, or Fb, or Google, or any other large websites that depend upon the loose software program. (I, as soon as requested, Chris DiBona of Google how a great deal it might feel to run the company on Windows instead of Linux. Lots and Heaps of stripped-down Pcs… placed the price at “loads of thousands and thousands” of dollars.)

This is now not to say that it is an awful idea to have council websites; it is an excellent concept, as Lincolnshire CC factors out: If we grew to become off our web services… 177,000 traffic consistent with the month (May additionally 2009 figures) to our net website would locate no web website. If most effective 10% of that traffic had been to contact us by telephone – say 17,000 – then we would incur a further price of approx £ fifty-one,000 consistent with the month (primarily based on Socitm‘s fees of cellphone contact). That’s why there may be now a group aimed toward neighborhood and relevant government – ukgovoss – started out by way of Public Sector Forums, an impartial company, which is attempting to train the humans internal councils – specifically the ones in price of the IT departments and those just above – about the capability advantages of open source.


It is also produced a record looking at attitudes amongst local authority IT managers and personnel to open supply merchandise in authorities. It is encouraging, although additionally horrifying: software program licensing can be 30%-forty% of a council’s finances; price is the cause for going with OSS for seventy-five%; 64% think their council will grow its use of OSS. There is no mention of whether Birmingham is trying to use OSS in its challenge – even though I suppose that the truth that the FOI responses were in Microsoft. Document format may be telling.

Inside the next few years, we should be seeing extra adoption of the open-source using local government; there is a huge open intention as Home windows 7 comes along for the introduction of OpenOffice for most tasks in preference to Microsoft Office, with probably huge value savings (the Guardian has been the use of OpenOffice in the course of the newspaper because of December final year). Whether it will likely be enough to recoup Birmingham’s extra prices isn’t clean. Perhaps the next FOI request must be to get the minutes from the assembly to determine which software was taken into consideration for the CMS. Every person fancy a move?

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