What It’s Like To Be A Beauty Blogger In A Country Where It’s Almost Impossible To Buy Popular Makeup


Like many other 27-yr-vintage girls, I love make-up. I even have a beauty weblog. But I’ve in no way even visible an Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette in real life. I stayed in Chile and became interested in makeup some years ago, after watching my first actual splendor tutorial — Michelle Phan’s anime tutorial, to be precise. It, without delay, blew my mind. Before then, I never realized you might accomplish that an awful lot of products as simple as eyeshadow and powders. I turned into 18 then and simplest owned one very low-cost foundation and a single pink eyeshadow I wore each day. I didn’t even use mascara.

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But the splendor industry (in addition to my love of makeup) has developed appreciably because then. Michelle Phan is not making new films for her YouTube channel. However, there are heaps of different splendor bloggers making their personal. The enterprise is constantly moving; however, humans like me, who live in international locations in which products aren’t available, are regularly ignored.

On an internet overflowing with cat eyeliner tutorials, the crucial factor for those watching is finding out not handiest which eyeliners are right for them, but which of them are clearly well worth it. This is why some of the maximum famous beauty content material on YouTube includes evaluating the latest products that vloggers create. Checking these sorts of videos out of your favored beauty guru is a ritual for the make-up fanatics around the arena — consisting of me. No count in which you’re, you may watch the overview and go away inspired to shop for a pure product. But that does not suggest the ones merchandise are available for everyone to buy.

When I commenced my splendor blog, I studied different Chilean bloggers and observed an exceptional sample of their makeup critiques while using vloggers in different international locations. That is, Chilean make-up evaluations had been truly from bloggers who had bought and were using the product in actual life, in place of vloggers from places like the United States or the U.K. Who are often the gifted product? Regardless of where you’re from, reviewing merchandise is a mixture of letting your target market recognize if it is well worth it and offering more practical facts, like the product’s price and wherein to buy it. But, even for Chile, which is not necessarily a poor united States however a growing one, accessibility to merchandise continues to be an issue. And a huge one.

When you can not get the new product being discussed in evaluating videos until months after its launch, it takes away several exhilaration. For example, after ordering, I acquired Wet N Wild basis in the mail months after its initial release and, for Chilean requirements, that turned into, in reality, rapid. Now, nearly a year after the U.S. Release, popular Wet N Wild merchandise together with the muse, highlighters, and blush have in the end all arrived in Chile. For us, they may be a novelty. For the rest of the net, they may be vintage information.

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And that’s how it works for nearly every logo we can get in shops right here in Chile — if we can even get the product in any respect. For maximum products that do emerge as available, it is usually three to six months after the legit launch in the United States. And we rarely get YouTubers’ collaborations with brands or restrained edition products, just like the MAC x Patrick Starr powder or the Wet N Wild’s Goth-O-Graphic Collection. Because of the lack of actual “new” products, the concept of whether or no longer something is truly really worth my money finally ends up mattering greater than whether it is new or brilliant.

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Plus, even the mid-range priced U.S. Manufacturers can feel costly whilst you reflect consideration on the common annual household income in Chile. According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the average annual profits for Chile in USD is $28,434, even as the common annual earnings inside the United States is $60,154. This manner that something like the NAKED Heat Palette from Urban Decay, which retails for $ fifty-four stateside, might be a miles higher percent of the common Chilean’s paycheck than the common American’s. And that is assuming the palette changed into even to be had in Chile — which it isn’t always according to the Urban Decay website.

But even in case you do have the cash, and you’re inclined to wait until the goods arrive in Chile, many famous brands still aren’t to be had here in any respect. And there aren’t any Sephora shops here, nor do they presently ship to Chile from the website. Bustle reached out to Sephora, and the logo does ship internationally, but simplest to Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, and the United Kingdom. Brands carried there like Too Faced, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Fenty Beauty, Armani, and others are out of the question — even if the manufacturers deliver the world over. For example, Kat Von D commenced shipping to Chile in late 2017. However, maximum Chilean bloggers (such as me) don’t want to pay the hefty delivery charge: It would be $23 transport for a $20 lipstick, so it’d most effective make sense you ordered a group. Even in situations with loose global shipping, there are no extra taxes for global purchases that can end up being the equal value or maybe more than worldwide delivery. Because of this, even the more reachable brands frequently aren’t in truth.

Given this, we cherish manufacturers with worldwide shipping like ColourPop, Lime Crime, Jeffree Star, and Makeup Revolution. Even if there may be drama surrounding brands, it is frequently smooth to ignore whilst they’re some of the most effective YouTuber-permitted products to be had to you. I experience gratefully that I even had a chance to shop for them. If the bundle takes a month to reach, or if there may be a few different trouble with the shipment, I still am thankful that the brands are even to be had to me to shop.

Still, I, like different Chilean influencers, try no longer to recognition too much on recommending products you could only purchase online. Even when you have the money and need to wait, many people in Chile do not have the credit cards required to accomplish that or get the right of entry to different fee options like PayPal. According to the Chilean Association of Banks and Financial Institutions, in 2017, most effective 20 percent of Chile’s population had a credit scorecard. It’s not that the opposite 80 percentage cannot find the money to have one; it is simply that most pick out to stay easily without one. And because of our lifestyle and financial institution system, Paypal isn’t an answer for all and sundry.

This loss of credit cards created an unusual phenomenon, even though: buy-sell Facebook agencies targeted makeup. Women who have credit playing cards often buy after which resell to those corporations with a commission rate, meaning that getting a maintain of a few palettes can be even more pricey. Sometimes, the fee and shipping fees can become making the product double what it would typically be. That’s exactly why I’ve never offered an ABH palette, even though I’ve had the possibility to via those organizations.

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