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Top Things You Need For A Long Car Trip


As every traveler knows, preparation is the key to success on a long journey. Most people realize that they should pack food, water, and a few other essentials when they hop in their car for a long trip. Many people don’t realize that there are other things that can be just as important. Some of them can deal with emergencies on the road, others can make a trip more pleasant, but all of them are worth packing in every car.

Diagnostic Tools

The days when a driver only had to worry about fixing a flat tire have passed. Modern cars contain a lot of electronics, and all of them have a chance of breaking down. Bringing a diagnostic tool on the trip gives you a chance to work out the precise problem without visiting a mechanic. At that point, you can get professional help, fix it yourself, or press on with your trip without worrying that you might have missed an important problem.


Some people are much more prone to suffering from motion sickness than others, but it can strike anyone if they spend too long in the car. There are a lot of medications out there that can help to prevent it, but the simplest treatment is ginger. Pills that contain ginger will help, but so will any food or drink that contains it. You can help to prevent most problems with motion sickness simply by choosing drinks and snacks that have a little bit of ginger in them. That saves space in the car by merging the medication with the food, and it also ensures that everyone will get a regular dose of ginger to help keep them healthy in the car.

First Aid Supplies

Accidents happen, and preparing for those accidents in advance is the best way to make sure they don’t turn into disasters. Everyone should have a first aid kit in their car. You won’t need it on most of your trips, but you will be very glad to have it on the rare trip where it is necessary. Certain environments may call for specialized kits, but the standard one that the Red Cross advocates is the best place to start.


Most people don’t think about the lights until they go out. If you think that you might be driving after dark, whether on purpose or by accident, you should carry some sort of light in your car. That will allow you to look at maps or find things in your car quickly, even after the sun has set. A standard flashlight is normally fine, but a couple of lights that can clip into place for hands-free use can also be very valuable.

Paper Maps

Most people rely on digital navigation tools. Those tools are normally fine, but people who use them exclusively get into trouble when they run out of power. Try to keep a paper map of the area in your car as a backup. It will be a little harder to use than a digital version, but there’s something to be said for having a tool that can’t run out of batteries before you reach your destination.


You never know what may arise on your trip, you may get stuck in a crazy snowstorm or torrential rain and want to pull over and wait it out for a few hours. Make sure you’ve downloaded plenty of games on your phone and even bring along some playing cards to keep yourselves entertained while you wait out the madness, then get back on the road and head to your destination!

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