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Top 5 things to do in London


London London is a city of contrasts. It’s the capital of England, but it also has an independent streak that makes it unique from other cities worldwide. London has been home to some of the most influential people and events throughout history. Also, this place is known for its rich culture, great food, fantastic architecture, and many more things you can do here! So if you are planning on visiting London, then make sure to check out these Top 5 Things to Do in London:

* Visit Westminster Abbey

This famous church was built between 1123-1163 A.D. The abbey contains tombs of British monarchs, including King Henry VII, Queen Elizabeth I, Charles II, William III, George IV, Victoria, Edward VIII, and others. You will be able to see their tombstones inside the chapel as well as hear stories about them during your visit. If you want to learn more about the royal family, then take part in one of the tours offered by the Royal Household Tours company. They offer guided tours explaining everything about royalty and how important each person was within the monarchy. There are different types of tours available such as private or group tours. To find out which tour works best for you, contact Royal Household Tours today. Westminster Abbey is London’s most popular tourist attraction that you should not miss when visiting the city.

* Take a boat ride along the Thames River

One of the best ways to enjoy London is by taking a cruise down the river Thames. You have two options when choosing what type of cruise you would like to go on. First, you could decide to go on a sightseeing cruise. These cruises usually last three hours long and give you views of all the major landmarks in London. Another option is going on a dinner cruise. This gives you the chance to try delicious cuisine while enjoying beautiful scenery at night. These cruises provide entertainment with live music performances, dancing shows, and even comedy acts. The Thames River is considered one of the greatest rivers in Europe, so don’t pass up this opportunity to experience it first hand. So if you plan to visit London soon, this place should be among the list of places you must visit.

* See Big Ben & Parliament Square

Big Ben is located near Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament. You may feel small when standing next to it because it looks enormous. However, once you get closer, you realize that it’s pretty tiny. It only weighs approximately 10 tons. On the other side of the square lies St James Park. Here, you’ll find statues of notable historical figures such as Winston Churchill, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Thomas Jefferson. One thing worth noting is that both Big Ben and the park were designed by Sir Christopher Wren, who was responsible for developing over 300 churches across Great Britain. He also worked on several cathedrals in France and Italy. At Parliament Square, you will be able to witness various parliamentary sessions happening every day. During those times, visitors can enter the building through the main entrance. Once inside, you will be greeted by members of parliament who will show you around the House of Commons. Afterward, you will be given time to explore the rest of the building before leaving.

* Visit Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge has been serving its purpose since 1894. It connects Southwark with the City of London. Its construction took almost 20 years to complete. Today, there are many things to do here, but some still prefer to walk across the bridge instead of public transportation. Crossing the bridge offers a fantastic view of the surrounding area. Also, you can admire the architecture of the bridge from afar. For example, you can look at the unique design of the towers and piers. Moreover, you can marvel at the intricate details of the bascules that allow water to flow underneath the bridge. Tower Bridge is the world’s tallest swing-span arch bridge. The bridge’s total length is 1,020 feet, making it longer than any other bridge in the U.K. There are four lanes in each direction, allowing traffic to move smoothly without stopping or slowing down. If you want to take pictures, then make sure not to miss out on the photo opportunities available along the way.

* Explore Greenwich Market

Greenwich market dates back to 1699. Located just south of the River Thames, it serves as a center point where locals come together to shop, dine, socialize, and relax. Many tourists consider visiting the Greenwich market during their trip to London. Some say that they had no idea how great the food tasted until they came here. Others claim that they love coming here simply because of the atmosphere. Either way, you’re guaranteed to leave feeling satisfied after spending some quality time here. You should start your visit early, so you don’t have to wait too long in line. Make sure to bring cash if you plan to buy anything here. Most vendors won’t accept credit cards due to high transaction fees. Also, you can enjoy live music performances while shopping because this place hosts regular events throughout the week. This has become many people’s favorite places to eat in town! This restaurant specializes in modern British cuisine. They offer diners a range of dishes made with fresh ingredients, including seafood, meat, poultry, game, vegetarian options, and more. Prices are reasonable, making them accessible even to low-income families.

Bottom line

As you can see from the information above, London is one of the most popular tourist destinations worldwide. What else could keep someone busy with all these attractions, activities, restaurants, bars, clubs, museums, parks, etc.? What else could keep someone alive? Well, we hope that this list gives you enough reasons why you need to book your flights now!. Remember you need to be prepared for everything once you land in London. So pack light and get ready to explore the city like never before!

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