This General’s Tweet To Ivanka Trump About Healthy Children Is Absolutely Scathing


Taken at face value, there won’t look like much to object to in the latest tweet from Ivanka Trump extolling the importance of encouraging bodily health amongst kids. But as retired Gen. Mark Hertling tweeted, Ivanka Trump’s father hasn’t prioritized “healthful life” for youngsters through not filling certain key positions in relevant departments. Ivanka, at the start, tweeted the need to “sell wholesome life for America’s young people,” referencing a survey that showed nine.5 million children hadn’t been worried in any physical sports activities or organized sports during the last yr. In response, Hertling had some thoughts to share with the first daughter. A navy analyst for CNN, Hertling spent 37 years in the Army earlier than reentering civilian lifestyles. Quoting Ivanka’s tweet, Hertling answered in part:

Ummm. There’s this thing called the President’s Council on Fitness, Sport, and Nutrition. Been around 60 years. Used to have 25 appointees. He cited his very own preceding position within the agency, in addition to former First Lady Michelle Obama’s. Hertling then found wryly, “No one is at the council now” before giving the Twitter cope with @FitnessGov and recommending Ivanka “Check it out.”

Healthy Children

The reason maximum associated with Michelle Obama is the “Let’s Move” campaign, designed to do precisely what Ivanka expressed in her tweet, with the literal tagline “America’s Move To Raise a Healthier Generation of Kids.”

Mark Hertling @MarkHertling

Ummm…There’s this thing known as the President’s Council on Fitness, Sport, and Nutrition. Been around 60 years. Used to have 25 appointees…I turned into one in all of them. @MichelleObama helped & generated momentum in this region. No one is on the Council now. @FitnessGov. Check it out.

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Hertling wasn’t pretty done, even though. In a follow-up tweet, he writes, “One extra aspect…It falls beneath @HHSGov Ask their Secretary…Oh, never mind.” It’s an apparent dig at the leadership crises over at the Health and Human Services (HHS) department as properly. Trump’s original nominee to go the department was Tom Price, a former congressman from Georgia whose brief tenure at the branch changed into marked using a travel scandal. In its targeted evaluation of the activities main up to Price’s resignation in September 2017, Politico highlights the pricey flight Price took — once in a while together with his spouse — that regularly had questionable relevance to his legitimate government work.

Price got here underneath hearth for chartering private jets and flying thru an army plane to the song of $1 million in taxpayer cash by May 2017, only a few months into his activity. Price had also recommended a fifteen percent reduction to the Department of Health and Human Services’ tour price range. Oh, and Price changed into additionally a large critic of Obamacare. That might have played into part in Hertling’s tweet because it’d possibly be more difficult to promote healthful children when health care itself isn’t always a government priority.

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

 Ivanka Trump

Since Price put in his resignation, Trump has appointed a brand new HHS secretary — Alex Azar. He was confirmed in January on an in the main partisan-line vote in the Senate. It’s now not Azar’s first stint on the employer both, as he turned into an appointee there beneath President George W. Bush as properly. As Amy Goldstein reports in the Washington Post, numerous Democratic senators opposed Azar primarily based on his paintings inside the private sector with pharmaceutical agency Eli Lilly. During Azar’s time as a govt there, Eli Lilly raised its drug costs normally. That would appear to position Azar at odds with certainly one of his said primary dreams as HHS secretary — bringing the cost of prescription medications all the way down to extra low-priced stages. The Department of Health and Human Services has a huge price range of about $1 trillion, representing one-fourth of all federal finances. As such, it may strike some as ordinary that positions on the President’s Council on Sports, Fitness, and Nutrition have now not been stuffed.

Clearly, in Hertling’s estimation, part of the trouble hindering the promotion of healthy life amongst kids is either real or fake lack of expertise on the part of the Trump administration — and he’s not having any of it. Ivanka Trump’s state-of-the-art stop on her international wealthy ladies empowerment excursion is Lima, Peru, in which she’s scheduled to unveil today’s White House girls initiative at the Summit of the Americas conference this weekend. But first, she took a short ride to a neighborhood quinoa factory, where she cradled baby-sized handfuls of 2012’s hippest historical grain.

The first daughter, who has publicly endorsed quinoa, documented her fun jaunt via Instagram Stories on Thursday afternoon. Over a picture of her staring at into the grain and thinking, how do you are saying “do you truly need to wash it?” in Spanish, she wrote, “Now … Seeing firsthand the quinoa production system.” She additionally uploaded videos of the quinoa being looked after and herself hugging her tour guide, Rachelle. These Trump children sure do love a food manufacturing facility tour! Screenshot from Ivanka Trump’s Instagram Stories.

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