The Guardian’s News Feed plugin for WordPress


Nowadays, we are freeing a new tool to enable you to put up Guardian articles at once in your weblog. You could add your personal observation to a piece of writing and then post the article in full with only some restrictions (greater on that underneath). Here are some simple commands for putting in and using the Dad or mum’s Information Feed plugin for WordPress.\ First, to install it, You could either use the Plugins tool for your WordPress admin panel or download it from WordPress. Org Here:

Open Platform: WordPress Plugin

Then you may want to achieve a get right of entry to key thru the Father or mother’s Open Platform. You can sign up and then attain a key Right here:


The system is self-serve, and you will have your key in moments. You then want to configure the plugin. You could do this from the main dashboard in which you need to see the Guardian Information Feed Configuration panel. In this panel, input your API key into the field marked API key.

Open Platform: WordPress Plugin

Now, You could start the usage of it. You will see the “Guardian News Feed” option in your “Posts” menu. That is in which You may seek and read for articles that you’d want to put up.

Open Platform: WordPress Plugin

When you locate an editorial, you want to put up, click on the ‘Store to Drafts’ option. And you’ll then be able to upload your feedback before posting it.

Open Platform: WordPress Plugin

It’s it, truly. We have blanketed a few publishing recommendations inside the seek panel. It is a listing of a few pleasant reminders if you overlook what turned into within the Terms and Situations that you agreed to:

1. Modifications: You shouldn’t put off or regulate the textual content, links, or pics you get from us.
2. Key: In case you don’t have a key, get one Here. It’s required. In case you do have one, please don’t percentage it or use it anywhere else.
3. Ads: Articles include Commercials and overall performance monitoring embedded in them. As above, you shouldn’t change or get rid of them. You could, of the route, use your very own Advertisements someplace else on your blog, too.
4. Deletions: Once in a while, however, very not often, we must cast off articles. When that occurs, this plug-in will replace the withdrawn Father or mother content inside your weblog post with a message pronouncing that the content material isn’t to be had anymore.

A few other matters worth noting:

• This primary new release is a beta, model zero.1. • It the handiest works when you have your very own, hosted WordPress weblog. It does no longer paintings. In case you are the usage of WordPress or another weblog platform. • We can be growing versions for other structures, too. Stay tuned. There are some troubles with this version that we are operating to restore. For instance, articles with restrained rights are showing up inside the seek interface, but you can not publish them.

There’s an FAQ on WordPress. Org with a few greater data. You could additionally put up questions inside the Google Group. We might like to pay attention to what you believe you studied and how we will improve it. Lastly, the plugin is designed to be used as-is. We have several operating methods with partners In case you want to do something that varies from our preferred Phrases. Find out extra Right here:

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