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Steps to becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur


The internet has been in use since the 1980s, although its characteristics that we see today are largely a product of the last fifteen years or so. Billions of people log in to the internet every day, even as you read this article, and the number is estimated to double within the next decade. That means one thing – if you are an entrepreneur and looking to start or market an existing business online, the largest majority of your customer base can actually come from the internet. Many lifestyle entrepreneurs have come up, and many of them are already successful, but they are still scratching the surface of what is potentially available even with all that.

What is a lifestyle entrepreneur?

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These are entrepreneurs that earn their living through online means. That also means they do not actually require a physical office to operate; they need a working laptop or computer and a connection to the internet, similar to the accessibility upgrades. The best online Minimum deposit casinos in New Zealand are doing. They might be doing it for several reasons – the desire to have a more flexible schedule, the interest they might have in exciting pursuits, and so on. Because of their services’ portable nature, they can operate their business wherever they are in the world. They can earn their living actively or passively, although they can work through Skype if they offer certain services like consultancy. If that is the sort of lifestyle you are looking for, here are some ways you can become one.

Select the correct target audience – make sure they are profitable

For many entrepreneurs, they will keep on hearing the classic ‘choose your niche’ advice, but for many of them, that approach might not work. Even though the specific nature can help you succeed, it is unnecessary to apply for all cases. Specifying the ideas you want to do is a lot harder than you may know. The most important part of finding the right ‘niche’ is making sure the target audience can pay you. This is a mistake many entrepreneurs unfortunately make – you have already selected a group that has interested you, but they cannot afford your services and products. Because you are creating a business and your main interest is generating profits, you need to ensure the audience can afford to pay for the things you are offering them.

Your foundation needs to be a simple one.

For an entrepreneur operating online in this day and age, having a website is an absolute must. However, making the said website holds many entrepreneurs back because the costs of hiring a professional are very high, and constant upgrading of the website is a tedious process. However, the truth is that you actually do not need the fancy plugins and widgets you normally see on some websites. The key to being the best in retaining simplicity, so you do not need the fanciest-looking website. The more cluttered it is, the more confusing it becomes for your visitors. Other important elements include large emergency funds, a strong presence on social media, the connection to the audience (especially on a deeper level), and software and tools that assist you in growing the business in the long term.

Maintain your focus on the things that work for you

The internet is where and has given you sufficient access to your success. For instance, you see many lifestyle entrepreneurs saying the things they are doing and working for them, and you want to copy their strategy. However, success involves realizing that the most successful entrepreneurs will model success, not copy it. You must search within your business and discover the unique things that work for you. Just because you see someone else getting success in the same field, it does not mean their strategies will work in your case. The best strategy to use, especially if the idea is not yours, is to test the idea and observe if it works. For you to build a sustainable lifestyle business, it takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

Grow the audience and get more exposure


Thanks to your social media presence, you now have an extra option for growing your target audience. However, there are other ways you can become even better and deliver the best results you can get. One of these is guesting on podcasts – some of these have more listeners than radio stations to be viable. If there is another blog, you can post on as a guest, also feel free to do so since it can increase the number of visitors on your own website. Another method is writing for an authority website, such as Vulture, Huffington Post, New York Times, The Guardian, etc. These will establish you as an authority in the field you work in. Another thing to note: the more the internet grows, the more these strategies will help you increase your audience – all without the limitations of traditional media.

Offer your customers value, and charge what you are worth.

Through the provision of free content, you can start to provide value to other people. This will make them want to dig deeper and probably spend their money on your products by that point. However, many entrepreneurs fail to capitalize on the free content they have, and they will fail to charge based on the value they give. The best way to offer people value is through your free content, not your paid one. Once people see your paid content, you can then go ahead and charge them a fair price that remains profitable on your end. After all, your time is the most expensive service you can offer to others.

Final thoughts

Being a lifestyle entrepreneur can involve many aspects and specializations. At the end of the day, though, it is not about money. First, it is more about the freedom you have over your schedule and work. That will also allow you to live your life on your terms.

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