Stabbing sufferer tells court docket how her life has come to be a residing nightmare


For Anila Malik, life in her dream international is idyllic. But while she awakens from her nightly slumber, the truth of her nightmare international reappears, a court docket heard Thursday. “When I sleep at night time, I dream that I am an ordinary character, in search of nothing more than happiness and simplicity in life,” Malik wrote in a victim-effect announcement, read in court docket by Crown prosecutor Marta Juzwiak. “Then I stand up from my dream, and what stares back at me (is) the ache of my fingers and the scars on my neck and face,” she said. The announcement changed into reading it as a part of the sentencing hearing for Nurdin Allaudin Dossa, a pal of the victim’s ex-husband, who inexplicably attacked Malik in her northeast Calgary domestic on Nov. 17, 2016. Dossa, 69, pleaded responsibility in November for the unprovoked attack, which left Malik with scars on her face and neck after he pinned her to the ground and time and again stabbed her. The assault also left her with extremely restricted use of each of her palms.

Stabbing sufferer

Before the assault, Malik stated she had carved out a cozy life in her adopted United States of America. “Ever considering I am in Canada, I was an independent person and featured learned to take care of myself,” she said. “I labored hard, earned a decent dwelling, and had my own domestic to live in.

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“Despite all the hardships I have encountered, I desired the honor of living a self-supplied decent life. “Today, I am compelled to show to the government for economic help, something I have never achieved before,” Malik wrote. “If I no longer request help from the authorities, I would be no extraordinary than an avenue person, together with my daughter.” Her daughter, who became credited with helping store her mother’s life, also furnished a sufferer-impact declaration. The 12-year-vintage, who can’t be recognized underneath a court docket order, said the attack has made her withdraw from society. “After this tragic incident, I commenced to hang out with humans less,” she wrote. “I became remoted in my bubble.”

living nightmare

She stated the aftermath of the attacks, even as her mother recovered in the sanatorium, turned heartbreaking. “I couldn’t even hug my very, very own mother. It could make her sense pain.” Juzwiak suggested a sentence of seven to 10 years could be appropriate. Defense counsel David Chow told provincial court Judge Bruce Fraser that something in the 4 to seven years might be adequate punishment. Hard seating is cushioned so that direct pressure on the nerve is avoided. If the condition does not improve, a doctor may recommend pain relief medication, injections, physiotherapy, or surgery to rectify the problem.

1. Penis Capillary and Skin Damage

The penis is a sensitive organ because it has extensive nerve endings in the skin. It also has a network of small capillaries that feed the penis with oxygenated blood. These features enable the penis to be stimulated and gain and sustain an erection. Nevertheless, during these bouts of sexual excitement, the penis is at its most vulnerable. Sexual intercourse and masturbation stretch and tear at capillaries and penis skin so that it becomes damaged and the blood flow to the penis is restricted. In addition, rough, aggressive, or too frequent sex (intercourse or masturbation) may cause the skin of the penis to become hardened and less receptive to touch. This, in turn, reduces sensation and reduces sexual function.


The penis will not respond to stimulation as well as it once did and may even feel numb when touched. The skin of the penis may feel rough, be cracked, or look dry.


Abstain from strenuous sexual activity of any kind for a couple of weeks. Then, make a change to regular bedroom habits. Use foreplay more and actual activity less. Buy a feather or another aid that is soft to awaken penis sensitivity. Coax and coerce it into an erection slowly. In addition, eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids. Wear loose-fitting clothing and cotton underwear that is supportive but not restrictive. Use a mild or sensitive cleanser when bathing and use a penis-specific crème (health professionals often recommend Man1 Man Oil) daily so that penis skin sensitivity is increased. The capillaries are given time to heal and repair.

Visit for additional information on the most common male organ health issues, tips on improving male organ sensitivity, and maintaining a healthy male organ. John Dugan is a professional writer specializing in men’s health issues and is an ongoing contributor to numerous online websites. Men often write to health forums to ask about the loss of penis feeling and determine why this occurs. The answer, of course, varies from case to case and often depends on how the man cares for his penis, the daily activities he carries out, and his overall health. In most cases, the good news is that the loss of feeling in the penis is only temporary, and over time, the surface will gradually return. However, sometimes the loss of penis feeling is attributed to more severe medical conditions. This is why it is important to find out what is causing the loss of sensation.

What Causes Feeling Loss in the Penis?

Loss of feeling in the penis is a common condition, especially in men who have frequent sexual intercourse or masturbate regularly and in men who are aging. Two of the most frequent causes are as follows:

2. Pudendal Nerve and Dorsal Nerve Damage

The pudendal nerve is located in the pelvis, the main nerve for the male and female genitalia. This nerve is connected to the bladder and rectum, and in men, it is also connected to the main nerve of the penis. This nerve is called the dorsal nerve. If the pudendal nerve is compressed or stretched, a loss of sensation in the penis can reduce sexual function. The ability to gain or maintain an erection can also be affected. The main causes of nerve damage to the penis are being seated for long lengths of time on hard chairs, horse riding, riding a bicycle, chronic constipation, pelvic fractures, or direct hits to the region.


The phenomenon is known as Pudendal Canal Syndrome, Pudendal Nerve Entrapment (PNE), or Alcock Canal Syndrome. The sufferer’s symptoms will feel include pelvic pain, pricking, stabbing, numbness, or burning sensation in their penis. This may cause the sufferer to experience pain, sexual dysfunction, impotence, and incontinence of the bowel and bladder.

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