Six of the best Android smartphones


Huawei P9 £449

Huawei’s P9 is the Chinese language producer’s trendy top-stop phone, and it is pleasant by using a country mile. With an easy, rounded metallic frame, all-glass front, and cute in-hand feel, the P9 is every bit a top-rate tool. The 5.2in (thirteen.2cm) full HD screen is ideal and has skinny bezels, making the device easy to maintain. It additionally has two proper cameras – one black and white, one color – which might be a laugh, a high-speed fingerprint scanner at the back, and a battery that lasts greater than a day. The only disadvantage is the software program, a modified version of Android Marshmallow that’s neither horrendous nor pretty as desirable because it has to be.

Verdict: fun dual cameras, incredible feel, respectable price.

android Samsung Galaxy S7 Area £639

Samsung has hit the nail on the head with the Galaxy S7 Area. The cellphone has a beautiful 5.5in (14cm) quad HD display screen with curved edges and a minuscule bezel, making this large-screened cellphone quite slim and lots simpler to deal with than different phablets. The Galaxy S7 Side is snappy, has a -day battery lifestyles, wireless charging, and is waterproof. It additionally has an expandable garage, a cracking camera, and a notable fingerprint scanner. The Samsung is steeply-priced. However, it’s arguably the fine cellphone available in the interim, and if you save round, you may get it for a lot less than the asking charge.

Verdict: The quality huge-screened telephone to be had in the intervening time.

HTC 10 £570

HTC’s modern-day all-metallic phone is outstanding, if no longer high-quality. It has a notable five.2in (thirteen.2cm) quad HD display, a fast processor, plenty of memory, and an expandable garage. It additionally has a fast fingerprint scanner beneath the house button and a digital camera. This is up there with the satisfactory. HTC’s customized Android Marshmallow is well optimized, making it snappy and bloat-loose, and the battery lasts approximately an afternoon and a half of among charges. The layout is slightly boring, searching fine in black. However, the HTC 10 is a wonderful all-rounder My Update Web.

Verdict: A strong performer with a top-notch camera and correct battery existence.

LG G5 Commercial £500

The LG G5 is something a bit special. It has a metallic body, super 5.3in (13.5cm) quad HD screen, speedy processor, expandable storage, and runs a changed Android Marshmallow model. The lowest of the telephone is removable, commencing up an expansion port that makes the G5 modular. It’s the final closing top-quit Android device with the ability to alternate the battery and upload what LG calls “pals” together with a further battery, digicam grip, or an excessive-res song player. The G5 has cameras on the again, including an extensive perspective lens, which makes group pictures and expansive landscapes less difficult. The feel and build first-rate isn’t quite as correct because the others and whether all and sundry will buy any upload-on modules remain visible. However, the G5 is an amazing power-consumer telephone and different from the relaxation.

Verdict: Modular design stands proud, but common package now not quite as much as a scratch.

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Google Nexus 5X £299

The Nexus 5X – a 5.2in (13.2cm) phone made by way of LG in partnership with Google – is a flagship cellphone at a finance price. As a Nexus tool directly from Google, it gets Android updates months before something else, as Google’s brand new great-in-class fingerprint scanner at the return and a notable digicam. It is mild, solidly constructed, and lasts a day among charges, even as being snappy. It doesn’t have expandable storage – so buy the 32GB version – but it may be picked up for toward £two hundred if you store around.

Verdict: A terrific cellphone at a high-quality charge.

Google Nexus 6P £449

The Nexus 6P, a five.7in (17.8cm) phablet is a stable all-metallic, big-display telephone. Like the Nexus 5X, it runs unmodified Android, is fast, has a first-rate camera, a cool fingerprint scanner on the returned, and snappy performance. It will close to two days between charges and is a clean, bloat-free experience. Save round, and you can pick it up for approximately £400 with 32GB of storage.

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