Seven of the best to-do list apps


Juggling duties is a crucial ability in the contemporary world. From that presentation you promised to ship your boss by means of today to choosing up some components for dinner, from excursion planning to give-shopping for, remembering the entirety can occasionally be overwhelming.

Fear not – your phone can help you avoid drowning in a sea of duties. There are quite a number apps aiming to help you get on pinnacle of your to-do lists, many who synchronise with associate apps in your pc, pill or maybe your smartwatch Try Updates.

Right here are seven of the high-quality ones to try:

Android / iOS / Windows Telephone (Free + IAP)

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Microsoft preferred this project-control app a lot, it sold the company at the back of it in June 2015. Luckily, it hasn’t been close down for the reason that, as is often the manner with such offers. Wunderlist is one of the easiest to-do list apps to apply for beginners.

5600Developing and sharing lists is straightforward, as is putting in place closing dates for getting them executed – and reminders to make certain you’re no longer stuck out. The use of Wunderlist to collaborate on lists with colleagues and own family contributors is easy, and its smartwatch app is a beneficial manner to quick take a look at to your lists – at the same time as purchasing, as an instance.

Like maximum of those apps, Wunderlist is freemium: pay £three.ninety-nine a month and you’ll get complete get entry to the capabilities like record-sharing and subtasks – something specially for electricity users.

Google Preserve
Android / iOS (Unfastened)

Google Preserve.
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Google Keep
Google Preserve isn’t only for to-do lists – it’s an Evernote-style provider for retaining (for this reason the name) notes, photos or even audio recordings which you don’t need to lose in your device. As a part of that, although, it’s an effective tool for preserving music of your obligations and ticking them off when completed.


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As with Gmail, there’s a good gadget of labels and colorings to split off one of a kind component of your life: paintings and own family, as an instance. There also are a few nifty alert features: the potential to set place-based reminders as an example, which is right if you’re an absent-minded kind possibly to wander beyond a grocery store with our remembering that you need more teabags.

Android / iOS / Home windows Telephone (Unfastened + IAP)

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For easy and clear design, it’s difficult to conquer Todoist, which blends a neat look and feel with a number of useful capabilities for preserving on top of your obligations. It’s easy to set up and manipulate lists, proportion them with different people, and set reminders and time limits to help you get them carried out.

The collaboration features are considered one of its key promoting factors, and it performs properly with different online offerings: one of the most useful being IFTTT. Its smartwatch app is available, and if you need more motivation, there’s an amusing “Karma” characteristic that awards you point for ticking off your duties.

The important thing features are Free, but Todoist also has a premium alternative costing £21.ninety-nine a year. For that, you get more notification and reminder alternatives, the capability to add documents, images and sound recordings, and greater ways to add and get entry to your responsibilities.

Any. Do
Android / iOS (Loose + IAP)

Any. Do
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Any.Do stocks a lot of its functions with the competitors reviewed Here, from syncing your lists across all of your devices, to sharing features and the ability to set certain tasks as “routine” in the event that they aren’t one-off duties.

If speaking rather than tapping out phrases is your component, you’ll admire its voice-entry feature, which helps you to create a listing through speaking into your smartphone. If you (like me) warfare along with your time control, there’s additionally a very beneficial function called Any. Do Second, which focuses simply at the tasks you’ve set as desiring to be done today.

As with the others, Any. Do is Free to use with all the functions the public will want. But, a £2.29 month-to-month subscription improvements you to its premium tier, with extra topics, place-primarily based signals, and access to its complete collaboration and file-attaching capabilities.

Don’t forget the Milk
Android / iOS (Free + IAP)

Do not forget The Milk.
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Take into account The Milk.
One of the longest-mounted to-do list apps, however one that’s doing a respectable process of retaining up with its more recent competitors. Remember The Milk does the fundamentals of mission and listing advent, syncing across devices and placing deadlines and priorities well.

It really works well with offerings like Google Calendar and Evernote, and sharing lists and responsibilities with pals and colleagues is straightforward too. However, electricity-users will want to upgrade to its £29.ninety nine-a-12 months Seasoned subscription, which adds the ability to break jobs into subtasks, use colour tags to split unique sorts of lists, and set reminders.

iOS (£3.ninety-nine + IAP)

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whilst many to-do listing apps look the identical, clean has taken an ambitious, colorful and distinctive method to helping you Hold on pinnacle of your responsibilities. Simple gestures create, rearrange and tick off your to-dos, and you could create separate lists to ensure your shopping and running responsibilities aren’t jumbled collectively.

Its computing device Mac and Apple Watch versions synchronise neatly, and even as it doesn’t have the entire range of power-functions seen in a number of its opponents, alternatives like reminders are built in. The key attraction Here is the potential to speedy swipe your manner through lists as you complete responsibilities.

Clear charges £three.99 for the entire app. The in-app purchases, which includes the 8-Bit or Sci-Fi “sound packs” for personalization, are entirely optionally available.

Android / iOS (Loose + IAP)

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In the end, something completely distinct. Well, pretty special. Habitica is an app for monitoring and ticking off each day tasks like the others, but wrapped round this is an RPG-style recreation to encourage you to finish them.


You create an individual, unlock armour, pets and quests, and battle “monsters” all within the framework of finishing your to-do lists. Meanwhile, a praise device encourages you to spend the “gold” you loot on time for treats inside the actual global as you get organised.

In case, you’re looking for a powerful, extreme challenge control app and haven’t spent an awful lot time gambling RPGs, Habitica can be too quirky on your desires. However, if you’re searching out a laugh motivational spin on this app category, it’s worth a strive.

Over to you! The remarks segment is open for your stories of the apps above, and your recommendation of different useful to-do list apps that we haven’t covered.

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