Red-faced Crime Branch cautions IOs in opposition to absence in court docket



Caught on the wrong foot after two of its investigating officers (IOs) were slapped warrants for not appearing before courts during trials leading to a delay in conviction, the Odisha Police on Monday said it had warned officers to attend the court proceedings.“We have instructed the IOs to appear before the courts during trials. The conviction rate has not dropped due to such instances,” Crime Branch ADG Santosh Upadhyay asserted.“Most of the IOs are attending court proceedings. Some engaged in multiple duties are unable to attend, but in such circumstances, the officials should furnish prior intimation to courts and take permission for a short adjournment,” he added.

However, if the officers continue to abstain from attending the cases, appropriate departmental action will be initiated, the ADG cautioned. The tough posturing by the State Police came after a court in Bhubaneswar recently issued bailable warrants of `5,000 against Inspector-ranked officer Gayatri Mishra, now posted at Talabani police station in Puri, for failing to appear before the court over a case registered under Section 498-A. Similarly, the bailable warrant was also issued against Oupada police station Inspector Ganesh Pradhan, who, during his posting as a Sub Inspector at Nayapalli police station, had taken charge of a case of murder but did not appear before the court during a trial.

Meanwhile, in another development, several visually challenged persons on Monday protested in front of the Vigilance office here, alleging the anti-corruption agency’s deliberate slackness in not filing a charge sheet in a case dating back to 2015. The protestors said Odisha Association for The Blind’s election was conducted in 2015 and alleged discrepancies. Bihari Nayak, who was elected president, allegedly used unfair means, and then he swindled the organization’s money to the tune of `74 lakh, the protestors said. “I was the internal auditor of the association before the 2015 elections. Nayak won the election by unfair means and swindled money,” a protestor Bhagwan Pati said.

“We urged the police to take action, but to no avail. We then filed a PIL in Orissa High Court, following which Vigilance officers arrested Nayak in 2015. However, they have so far not filed the charge sheet in connection with the case,” he added. The anti-corruption agency’s officers pointed out that the investigating officer had not submitted the compliance report for which the charge sheet was not filed in the court. “The IO submitted the compliance report on April 13, which was sent to Vigilance headquarters for approval on April 16. Once the compliance report gets approved, the charge sheet will be filed,” Vigilance DSP VK Acharya told The Express. The DSP also acknowledged that the investigating officer of the case delayed the submission of the compliance report.

Everyone who works on a computer needs to be familiar with the term “Cyber Crime.” Initially, whilst the guy invented the computer, after which the era for communicating among computers became developed, he would have never conceived that the cyberspace he is developing might be flooded with any crime, i.E. Cybercrime. But now, nearly everybody may have heard the term computer crime, cybercrime, e-crime, hi-tech crime, or electronic crime, which is nothing but a pastime carried out with a crook intent in the cyber area. Place, it’s for a hobby that’s normally crook in nature, where a pc or network is the source, tool, target, or vicinity of a criminal offense. To say in a single line, “Cybercrime refers to all the activities performed with the crook purpose in our online world.”

Crime Branch cautions

Such crime includes a records technology infrastructure, including unlawful get admission to (unauthorized get right of entry to), unlawful interception (by using technical way of private transmissions of pc information to, from or within a laptop gadget), facts interference (unauthorized unfavorable, deletion, deterioration, alteration or suppression of computer data), systems interference (interfering with the functioning of a laptop gadget using inputting, transmitting, unfavorable, deleting, deteriorating, altering or suppressing pc facts), misuse of devices, forgery (ID robbery), and electronic fraud.

This article intends to provide an overview of Cyber Crimes considering that in e-life (of which all of us are part of), conventional crimes like extortion, forgery, etc. Are being accomplished with the assist of computers, which most people are using for online monetary transactions.

In the modern-day e-Age, ‘Crime’ has prolonged itself beyond bodily assault or intellectual torture; now, it additionally influences our e-life. E-Life means our life & dwelling within the cyber world. Every one folk are part of this cyber global, immediately or in a roundabout way because computers & net at the moment is a critical a part of our personal & professional existence. Like any other invention, Computers & the Internet are a boon to the human type if utilized in a right way and to the benefit of society. However, as all of us recognize, the whole lot has its professionals and cons and so computers & net are not an exception. If we don’t forget ‘Cyber Crime’ as the virus, then it might not be untrue to mention this virus is corrupting man’s extensive development (computers and internet), responsible for growing civilized society for guys. Cyber Crime is a threat everywhere globally and is one of the maximum hard & challenging to discover & check out. You will discover it exciting to be aware that even the legitimate internet site of the Cyber Crime Investigation Cell of Crime Branch Mumbai rates “The invisible criminal is dangerous than the visible one.”

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You can be questioning why one must realize Cyber Crime?

Most of us are using the internet and computers for online transactions wherein we transmit private information and likely do monetary transactions. If your non-public data is going in the wrong arms and grows to be bankrupt or you start receiving absurd emails, or your electronic mail account gets flooded with undesirable emails, the approach you’ve got turns out to be a sufferer of Cyber Crime.

Cyber Crime has various forms which might also encompass hacking (unlawful intrusion right into a laptop machine without the permission of proprietor), phishing (pulling out the private information from the financial institution / economic institutional account holders through misleading method), spoofing (getting one laptop on a network to pretend to have the identity of every other computer which will advantage get right of entry to to the network), cyberstalking (following the sufferer through sending e-mails or coming into the chat rooms regularly), cyber defamation (sending e-mails to all concerned / posting on internet site the text containing defamatory matters approximately the victim), threatening (sending threatening e-mails to victim), salami assaults (making insignificant changes which pass left out by means of the victim), net extortion, pornography (transmitting lascivious fabric), software piracy (illegal copying of the genuine software / applications), e-mail bombing, virus dissemination (sending malicious software which attaches itself to other software), IPR robbery, identity robbery, facts theft, and so on.

Hacking, destroying documents and facts through spreading the virus is the biggest range of offenses within the cyber world. “Russia, China, and Brazil are global leaders in cybercrime. India is speedy emerging as a major hub of cybercrime. However, our felony gadget is already in place to address this menace of cybercrime and control it and punish the responsible. Cyber Crime, which we might also outline as “an illegal act wherein the pc is either a device or a target or incidental to the crime,” has both civil as well as criminal remedies.

So allow’s talk about the treatments to be had in opposition to such crimes. In India, the offense of Cyber Crime is included underneath Information Technology Act 2000 and under the Indian Penal Code. Cyber Crime Cells had been mounted by using the law in predominant towns. These Cells function immediately below the Commissioner of Police of respective towns. Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) already has a cybercrime wing operational given that 1999. The Government has hooked up “The Cyber Regulations Appellate Tribunal” underneath the Information Technology Act, 2000. The Tribunal has the equal powers vested in a Civil Court for requiring the invention and manufacturing of documents, receiving the proof on affidavits. But the decisions of the Tribunal may be contested through the High Court. The Information Technology Act now does not best apply to the offense devoted in India. However, it may additionally be used to carry offenders from foreign countries to India for trial.

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