Razer Sets Its ‘Biggest Unveiling’ For November 1; Is it a Gaming Smartphone?


If we’re to go through the recent unveiling declaration made by leading PC gaming company Razer, gaming fanatics are in for an actual treat quickly. Razer has lately teased an unveiling event scheduled for November 1 and has effectively controlled to ramp up the pleasure degrees by claiming it to be its “biggest unveiling” of the year. The gaming tech company is well-known throughout the gaming fraternity throughout the globe, ordinarily for its insane offerings, which also incorporate the futuristic triple-reveal laptop – Project Valerie, unveiled at CES 2017.

Razer has no longer unveiled tons about the imminent product release on November 1. Judging from the recent occasions connected to the corporation, a terrific bet might be traced to a gaming telephone to be launched as the subsequent Razer product. At the beginning of this year, Razer obtained NextBit, the agency accountable for producing the much-hyped cloud smartphone ‘Robin.’ Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan tweeted about the approaching product unveil and introduced how the enterprise has been “operating on for years” upon this. This and the truth that the product-unveil page on Razer’s reliable website suggests a portable mobile device within the image narrows our crosshair on a gaming cellphone to be unveiled next utilizing the employer.

While no specifications or capabilities of the approaching Razer device have been unveiled, positive ‘should-haves for a gaming tool could be sufficient to position a streaming capacity to let gamers stream video games once on a larger display screen while playing through the smartphone. In addition, the Razer smartphone might also house the signature Razer lights to pump matters up. Suppose Razer embeds Robin’s tech into the telephone properly. In that case, the cell phone may provide cloud synchronization abilities, a big treat for gamers, and a big load (of confined storage) of their thoughts.

As for the smartphone specs, a hardcore gaming device could now not paintings on whatever less than a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 Processor, which may be coupled with insane quantities of reminiscence (RAM and ROM) services and the most effective display, probably of a Full-HD exceptional or above. Suppose Razer makes it a whole bundle for hardcore gamers. The enterprise can also provide gaming add-ons alongside the phone, including a transportable controller for the cellphone and 2 Razer headsets. If the organization goes for this, one element is positive: the imminent Razer smartphone might be a thrilling product for gaming fans around the sector.

Atari was once a large call within the video gaming industry, pioneering the house console marketplace earlier than hitting a rough patch. The agency went bankrupt in 2013. However, it’s now seeking to make a massive splash in the console gaming marketplace once more with a new piece of hardware. The enterprise recently launched information about its Atari box gaming console. It is set to be released at an attractive rate point. But will gamers and consumers warm as much as Atari’s modern imparting after its remaining foray into this market over many years ago grew to become a flop? In other words, is Atari packing enough punch to combat mounted console makers, including Sony (NYSE: SNE) and Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)? Let’s discover.

The Atari box console will start delivery in spring 2018 at $249 to $299, depending on the configuration. The organization seeks to capitalize on its rich records by providing a ramification of classic video games. However, it won’t be restricting itself to just a fan carrier. The device will run the open-source Linux working machine powered by a custom AMD processor and with the aid of the Radeon Pix era. So gamers won’t be confined to just the conventional Atari games pre-loaded on the device, as its open-supply nature should give upward thrust to a wide range of recent content material using builders. Additionally, Atari will probably leverage its old and new content libraries to make the Atari box an attractive shopping proposition.

But it is using AMD’s era — which additionally powers Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox consoles — shows the Atari box should % have some critical power for high-stop gaming. In truth, Atari is giving its new console loads of bells and whistles. The Atari box will come with 4 USB ports, HDMI output, aid for net connection, and could also come with SD card support to transfer information onto the device without difficulty. Additionally, the console improvement crew has spelled out that clients can personalize the Linux-running gadget to play video games that had been, to begin with, sold for different structures. Therefore, it may not be sudden if it can eliminate some marketplace proportion from the extra set-up console structures thanks to the ability to play multi-platform games.

This could be a big deal for Atari as the global console hardware marketplace became worth $10.Five billion ultimate 12 months. Additionally, the spending on games and different intellectual property caused total console gaming revenue of $34.7 billion in 2016, and Sony led the display fifty y-seven market share. More specifically, Sony has offered over 60 million PlayStation 4 consoles in just over three years because of the launch, outselling the Xbox One two times.

Sony’s grip over the gaming console marketplace is anticipated to strengthen this year. Therefore, it won’t be smooth for the Atari box, given the robust ecosystem it has already evolved around Sony’s structures. Even massive players, including Microsoft, haven’t been capable of battling Sony’s domination in this area, as Xbox One sales decreased by 33 million because of its November 2013 release. But Atari has certain hints inside the bag that could be paintings in its preferred.

Can the Atari box make a dent in video gaming hardware?

Atari has smartly priced its new console. By assessment, the Sony PlayStation Four begins retailing at a rate of $299, which can go up considerably depending on the configuration and the gaming package deal. Meanwhile, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One X has a greater top rate charge point starting at $499. Therefore, the Atari box undercuts each of those consoles on pricing, even as its library of traditional and new games also strengthens the price-for-cash proposition. However, Atari’s biggest differentiator can be its attention to delivering “a complete PC experience for the TV.”

The Linux-primarily based running machine of the tool will allow users to run apps, browse the web, play track, and stream video. Therefore, the console will also double up as a streaming box that might compete in opposition to Apple TV. This reinforces the feature set of the Atari box, bringing it up to speed with both Sony and Microsoft at a decrease rate factor. Additionally, Atari appears to have made a clever move by using the console upon sale via Indiegogo, a crowd-investment platform with a presence in more than two hundred countries. This should ensure that the Atari box widens its reach among console shoppers while its miles are launched.

Biggest Unveiling

The Foolish backside line

The Atari box tests quite a few boxes. It can play video games, double up as a streaming container, and give Atari fans the danger of interaction with the most famous titles from the publisher. Meanwhile, the open-supply nature of the running device opens an entire global opportunity for pass-platform gaming, and all this happens at an aggressive fee point. So it won’t be surprising if it becomes a critical contender inside the console gaming space and offers each Sony and Microsoft a run for their cash.

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