Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie’s ‘Simple Life’ Reunion Has The Internet Rooting For A Reboot — PHOTOS


If there is one aspect that reality TV enthusiasts of the early 2000s are aware of, it’s that Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie cross collectively like farmers and plows. It seems that they nonetheless have the equal chemistry now, and when Hilton and Richie had a Simple Life reunion on Sunday night, fanatics of the display commenced essentially begging for a reboot. According to Entertainment Tonight, the 2 women met at The Daily Front Row’s 4th Annual Fashion Los Angeles Awards in Beverly Hills, and later on, Hilton published a picture on Instagram of herself and Richie guffawing collectively and hugging.

It’s safe to say that the feud among Richie and Hilton is beyond “dunzo,” to borrow a time period from Laguna Beach — a display which you would possibly say became made viable because of The Simple Life. Hilton even captioned the photo, “Love you @NicoleRichie❤ No one should make me snigger such as you do.” That’s a far cry from the words she and Richie famously shared returned in 2005 once they said their friendship useless. “It’s no huge mystery that Nicole and I are not pals,” Hilton stated in an assertion at the time, in step with In Touch Weekly. “Nicole is aware of what she did, and that is all I’m ever going to say approximately it,” the heiress added.Image result for Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie ‘Simple Life’ Reunion Has The Internet Rooting For A Reboot — PHOTOS

Even although the pals made up long ago, they fantastically haven’t spent plenty of time collectively due to the fact The Simple Life ended in 2007. Now, it looks like she may even need to host a reboot of The Simple Life as tons as everyone else does. On her Instagram photo of her and Richie on the awards display, she covered the hashtags #SimpleLifeReunion and #SanaSa.

Then in every other Instagram, she posted a throwback video from The Simple Life of a time whilst the 2 stupid ladies sang their unofficial topic tune of a high-pitched “Sasa Canada” even as on a bus.


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Hilton isn’t always the best one who misses The Simple Life and all the stars’ hilarious antics. Tons of human beings on Twitter are calling for a reboot, and Hilton has only stoked every person’s excitement via posting a ballot on her Twitter that asks lovers if The Simple Life must return. As you can consider, the majority of her followers suppose that it must. That’s warm.

The Simple Life

9 Apr
It’s the reunion of the decade! @ParisHilton & @NicoleRichie together again. Fingers crossed for a Simple Life reboot! 🙏🏼 percent.Twitter.Com/xHaEoSbODb

Aaaaaron 🐻
I NEED THIS!! %.Twitter.Com/KjTMB6zgZs

3:12 PM – Apr 9, 2018

226 humans are talking about this
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Rishma Dosani

DOES THIS MEAN A #SIMPLELIFE REUNION?! Please say sure @ParisHilton @nicolerichie https://twitter.Com/ParisHilton/fame/983647160293052416 …

7:01 PM – Apr 10, 2018Image result for Paris Hilton & Nicole Richie ‘Simple Life’ Reunion Has The Internet Rooting For A Reboot — PHOTOS
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Kevin Adam
I want a #simplelife reunion @ParisHilton @nicolerichie

7:00 PM – Apr 10, 2018
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Not handiest did Hilton and Richie’s reunion on Sunday make anybody on Twitter ecstatic, however, it additionally made Simple Life lovers at the Los Angeles occasion lose their cool. Rowan Blanchard shared a photo of herself inside the heritage, taking a photo of Richie and Hilton whilst they reunited. The Girl Meets World superstar captioned her photograph, “It’s continually essential to apply something resources you have to seize records. If you see something, say something, #StayWoke.”

Who wouldn’t instantly grasp their cellphone to photograph the great reunion? Especially after the pair’s enormously publicized feud which led the 2 ladies to the superstar on The Simple Life’s fourth season, which aired in 2006, separately till the season finale whilst Hilton subsequently confronted Richie and stated “We have to speak,” consistent with In Touch Weekly.

seeing Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie reunited again has made each a part of my internal baby scream with exhilaration

12:15 AM – Apr 10, 2018
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Paris Hilton

10 Apr
Love you @NicoleRichie❤️ No one may want to make me giggle like you do. 🤣 #SimpleLifeReunion 👯‍♀️ #SanaSa 👑 percent.Twitter.Com/TDFB1Gsj7e

Alex bird…💜💖
Yes we need Paris and Nicole returned To our existence’s and a @TheSimpleLife reunion could be very an awful lot wanted percent.Twitter.Com/GADR7MKNo0

4:23 PM – Apr 10, 2018

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Richie and Hilton reunited for the display’s 5th and very last season. Even though it is been 11 years for the reason that series ended, it looks as if all and sundry’s choice for a reboot of The Simple Life has simplest grown stronger with time. The truth shows supplied viewers with everlasting recollections of Hilton trying to cook bacon with an iron and Richie bidding farewell to her host by using announcing, “I had a horny time.”

When Hilton requested her Twitter fans whether or not a Simple Life reboot must appear, 82 percent of nearly 24,000 citizens stated yes. That’s a big percentage.

Paris Hilton

Should #TheSimpleLife go back?

5:09 AM – Apr 10, 2018
39,642 votes • Final effects
1,997 human beings are speaking approximately this
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Still, even though a Simple Life reunion doesn’t normally occur, as a minimum everyone can feel satisfied knowing that Hilton and Richie nevertheless make each other snort — even at fancy events ways far from any farms, and even in 2018.

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