NYX Released Two Beauty Boxes For Festival Season & They’re Only $25 Each


With pageant season upon us, brands are beginning to attention their interest on the way to provide you the satisfactory metallic-eyed, bold-lipped, glitter-bombed experience that they could. As increasingly unicorn-stimulated lipsticks and saturated eyeshadow palettes hit shop shelves, one thing turns into more and cleaner: competition make-up is steeply-priced. It seems like the moment you pair an eyeshadow palette with a flower crown and a crop pinnacle, it doubles in charge. Which can be problematic for beauty enthusiasts who stay on a tight budget. But do not worry, there may be one logo this is making it its venture to deliver you a low-cost festival splendor revel in. NYX released two pageant splendor packing containers, and they most effective price $25 each.

These beauty boxes make the setting on your festival makeup a breeze, wherein they’ve included all the gear you may need in order to drag off a cohesive and remarkable appearance. The first package is called the Glow ‘Til Dawn Festival Kit, and it has all of the fixings to deliver you a bronzed, shimmering appearance.

It comes with six necessities, and it will contend with your eyes, lips, cheeks, and pores and skin. Included is the NYX Glitter Primer, which at the start sells for $6.50 and is a primer that is meant to stop glitter fallout and hold shimmer firmly in your face; the NYX Face and Body Glitter in gold, which retails for $6.50 and could be the perfect addition to a metal eye; the Bright Idea Illuminating Stick, that is $8 and is a creamy-soft highlighting stick in a bronze hue; the Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick, that’s $7 and comes in a brownish-pink tone; the Born to Glow Liquid Illuminator, that is $7.50 and is like a face lotion infused with a highlighter; and the Jumbo Eye Pencil, which is $four.50 and springs within the gold shade French Fries.

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The Glow ‘Til Dawn Festival Kit

The Chromatics Festival Kit offers a totally specific appearance, where it allows you create a molten, metal face instead. While it additionally comes with six essentials for most effective $25, this package embraces summer’s duo-chromatic fashion and offers you gear for a holographic glow and metallic accents.


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Just like within the first splendor box, NYX Face and Body Glitter are concerned, but this time you get two exclusive sun shades — a sapphire blue and a crystal hue. Normally each pigment retails for $6.50 a bottle. Up next is the NYX Glitter Primer, which initially sells for $6.50 and could assist your shimmer pigment to live on; then there is the Duo Chromatic Illuminating Powder, which retails for $8 and gives a silver glow. Also covered is the Cosmic Metals Lip Cream, that is $7.50 and springs within the purple Asteroid Aura shade; in addition to the Studio Liquid Liner, which retails for $four.50 and is a white eyeliner.

Chromatics Festival Kit


As you may see, you get a completely comprehensive pageant appearance with these kits, but the financial savings do not stop there! At the instant, Ulta is supplying a unique loose gift with every $20 NYX Professional Makeup purchase, and since those kits are $25, they qualify.

In the gift, you may receive three extensive NYX merchandise in a lip-shaped makeup bag. In the bag you get the Matte Liquid Liner in Black, which retails for $7; the Soft Matte Lip Cream in Copenhagen, which retails for $6.50; and the Suede Matte Lip Liner in Copenhagen, which retails for $four. That’s a make-up kit that almost costs $20, but is yours for absolutely free!

Ulta Lip Bag
Free with $20 purchase

If you want to treat your self to new make-up for any fairs you can have arising, those NYX splendor kits are a smooth and affordable way to replace your makeup arsenal.

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