No-hitter like no different



Plymouth North senior captain Donnie Cohoon went thru the usual recreation-day rituals, from grabbing a Cookie Monster at Marylou’s to finding his favorite parking spot. It turned into going to be an unforgettable day regardless because Cohoon become passed the honor of starting on Opening Day in opposition to Quincy. Cohoon made it extra unforgettable, even though something changed into lacking.

Someone unique.

On Jan. 23, Suzanne Cohoon, the mom to Donnie, Kathryn, Elizabeth, Andrew, and spouse to Don Jr., died after 4 years of courageously fighting breast most cancer. A nurse at South Shore Hospital for 27 years, Suzanne all at once passed after being cancer-free for close to two years. Head coach Dwayne Follette had Suzanne’s initials stitched on the team jackets and hats with the most breast cancers purple ribbon to honor her this season. “She becomes speak me to me approximately what the home timetable gave the impression of, and that’s how she lived her life — courageous to the end,” stated Follette. “Donnie spent a variety of time with his great friends, and in a time like this, that’s what you want, pals and circle of relatives to have your lower back.”

Cohoon turned into full of proud feelings speak about his mother. He thought of his mother from the first actual warmup pitch within the bullpen, his first time on the hill without his mom yelling her preferred catchphrases. “She could constantly inform me to ‘be spicy,’ ” Cohoon started with the fun. “I can nonetheless hear her within the stands saying her little strains, and it’s incredible how a whole lot she did for us and the sacrifices she made.” As Cohoon completed off the pinnacle of the Presidents’ lineup inside the first, the same old pump-you-up playlist commenced. Each track seemed to remind Donnie, he stated later, of his mom.

In the 7th, Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” hit the speakers. Cohoon’s heart jumped as the Eighties classic guitar riff stuffed the air — that was his mother’s ringtone. Cohoon’s great friends, the alternative 9 seniors within the Plymouth North dugout, all held their breath as Cohoon completed a masterpiece of his personal. A no-hitter, 3-0, even as going 2-for-three at the plate with a primary inning, run-scoring triple. “The closing at-bat became quite excessive . . . We hadn’t said anything yet, but all of us knew,” said senior left fielder Johnny Hayes.

“It becomes thrilling but not sudden in any respect because (Donnie) is one of this stud,” said fellow senior Jake Manfredi. “The ultimate batter of the game felt like an eternity. However, we all stormed him, and the seniors all gave him a massive institution hug on the sphere.” A no-hitter, the game-winning RBI, and his closest buddies piling on him submit-game. A storybook beginning to the season for Cohoon and Plymouth North, which reached 4-zero — consisting of Cohoon main an eight-6 win over formerly unbeaten Silver Lake on Tuesday.


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