Microsoft gives up on Live Spaces: blogs to be shifted to WordPress


Microsoft is last its Home windows Stay Spaces blogging platform and shifting all its customers over to WordPress. It’s a dramatic pass which means that It is giving up a probably massive slice of marketing enterprise – possibly as it really can not make it pay. Or as Microsoft places it, “partnering collectively” – redundant word alert – “and presenting an upgrade for 30 million Home windows Stay Spaces clients”. Please make no mistake; this is dramatic: it approaches that Microsoft is giving up doubtlessly precious turf in which it can have sold ads, in the way of Google and the Blogger platform (which generates sales for Google), and taking flight from as a minimum one part of the net area.

As Tim Anderson puts it,

“In line with Microsoft, it has 7 million users and 30 million visitors, and in case you receive that commercial enterprise on the net is all approximately site visitors and monetizing traffic, then it moves me as strange that Microsoft has no better concept of what to do with that traffic than to give it to a person else… This indicates that WordPress, no longer Microsoft, now can expose commercials or marketplace other services to these users. “


Sign up for the brand new-look Media Briefing: larger, higher, brighter. Study greater Dharmesh Mehta, director of Home windows Life Product Management and writer of the publish for the Home windows Stay Spaces team, says: “As we looked at clients’ blogging wishes and what distinctive organizations have been offering, we have been particularly interested in what WordPress is doing. They have a host of wonderful capabilities – from a scalable platform and leading junk mail protection to superb personalization and customization. WordPress powers over 8.5% of the internet, is used on over 26 million sites, and WordPress is visible via over 250 million people each month. No longer best that, Automattic is an employer full of outstanding humans focused on enhancing blogging experiences. So instead of having Home windows Stay put money into a competing blogging carrier, we decided the fine aspect we may want to do for our clients is to present them a great blogging solution via WordPress.”

Basically, in case you’re one of those Live area bloggers, and you’re sincerely nonetheless doing stuff to your weblog, then Live Spaces is encouraging – nay, pushing – you over to WordPress. Because in case you don’t need to shift over to WordPress. “If you’re no longer prepared to emigrate nowadays, you may additionally pick to download your weblog content, migrate later, or delete your area.” You have six months before it disappears into the extraordinary Bit Bucket where Geocities has long passed. Frequently, of the route, you can parent out who is sincerely won out in a deal by way of evaluating the corporate statements. What does WordPress say? On its weblog (of direction), Paul Kim, its vice-president of user growth, says:

“We’re delighted that Microsoft selected WordPress as their favored new blogging carrier for Home windows Live users. It is a sign of the way strong WordPress has to end up, and credit for that goes to each one in every one of you who has been growing right here.” It virtually is. And the word that there may be no mention of Microsoft getting any advertising and marketing dibs there. WordPress makes its cash thru top-rate blogs: you can get a wordpress web page for free, but if you pay more, you may do all forms of different matters, including host it to your own site (even as leaving hassles like improvements to WordPress themselves.)


Following the information that Vox is final (on 30 September), and that it discerns Six Apart (which created Movable Kind) is joining with VideoEgg to create a brand new employer known as Say Media, one has to suppose that the pool of hosted blogging structures is shrinking instead swiftly. At this charge, quite soon, It’s only going to be Blogger and WordPress. And if that’s what it comes all the way down to, you’d have to say that WordPress has the brink. It’s being taken up by way of the British government, even for non-running blog websites, wherein it acts as an effective content material Control gadget.

Even though may additionally neglect the emergence of “superfast weblog” systems along with Tumblr, which strip away plenty of the stuff at the outside – that can make weblog renovation complicated or tedious. Even so, It is no longer clean from here in which running a blog, as a separate activity, is surely going. As I stated the remaining yr, I still feel that the long tail of blogging is demise. Microsoft’s capitulation over Stay Areas appears an acknowledgment of that (its preceding submit, linked in that quote above, notes how plenty of a trouble junk mail blogs and to remark junk mail had been; certainly, once I used to trawl blogs for Era content material, Live Spaces blogs were notorious for being pure splogs or reproduction/paste jobs). WordPress has achieved a higher activity retaining the unsolicited mail out. The question now could be whether it is constructing its enterprise on top of an iceberg in a warming sea – or dry land.

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