Mac OS X Tuning Tips for Audio Processing


This newsletter describes simple settings that may be carried out to enhance Mac’s overall performance with real-time audio packages, in particular in general performance situations.

Note: If you have trouble getting your NI audio interface to paintings, find a troubleshooting manual in the Associated Articles section below.

Audio Settings

Maximum audio packages offer a buffer length or audio latency and a pattern fee of their preferences. The buffer length determines how much time the laptop is available to finish all calculations for continuous audio playback. Depending on the processing electricity of your computer and the number of measures needed for your utility, we advise a buffer length of 256 or 512 samples at a sample charge of 44100 Hz (on Mac OS X 10. nine or higher, we suggest 48000 Hz as a substitute). A buffer size of 256 samples is a great start line. Lower this cost to 128 pieces if there’s a noticeable lag between your actions and the audio; for instance, while playing virtual devices, stay with a keyboard. Increase to 512 pieces if you experience dropouts inside the audio playback.

imac1Energy Supply

Usually, play along with your Macbook related to the electricity delivery, particularly while using an outside audio interface and MIDI controller. To ensure your Macbook is properly grounded, use the extension cable of the Energy Deliver.


Due to the fact Most Mac PC fashions provide USB ports, you may require an outside USB hub to amplify the wide variety of external USB gadgets getting used concurrently. Please remember the following while, which include a USB hub for your hardware setup:

Use the simplest USB hubs that draw power from their outside Energy Supply. They’re regarded inside the marketplace as powered USB hubs.
Do not join it to the USB hub if you use an outside USB audio interface. Audio interfaces require the biggest quantity of power and computation, for that reason they need to be related at once to an unfastened USB port. You could join all the outside gadgets to the USB hub into some other unfastened USB port.
Other packages

Close all packages besides the audio software program you’re using. This applies to any software no longer wanted for your audio work, such as net browsers, electronic mail customers, and background processes.

And Bluetooth

Community activity can probably intervene together with your audio playback, thus we suggest to show / Airport off. To try this, click on the image within the computing device header and pick Turnd from the menu (see screenshot below).
WiFi is off. The same applies to Bluetooth connections. Transfer off Bluetooth by clicking on the Bluetooth image inside the computing device header and choosing To turn Bluetooth off in the menu (see screenshot below).
Bluetooth off

Electricity Saver Settings

The Electricity Saver on Mac offers numerous alternatives to optimize your Mac’s power intake. For audio applications, those ought to be deactivated. Visit Gadget Preferences &gt Electricity Saver. Flow the slider PC sleep and Show sleep to By no means and untick the checkbox. Put the hard disk(s) to sleep while feasible (see screenshot below).
Power Saver

Sleep Mode

Suppose you commonly use Sleep Mode (e.g., last, the lid of your Macbook) instead of powering down the computer. In that case, we advocate doing a fresh boot of the System bed before playing with your audio packages.

Pix Card Switching

Suppose you own a Macbook Seasoned with both Intel HD Pics and a devoted Portraits card. In that case, we suggest exchanging the Pics mode for higher performance earlier than beginning your music software program. You can do this within the Energy Saver section of the Mac OS System Preferences by deactivating the automated graphics switching (see screenshot below).

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