Know the major changes introduced in some popular sports

Change is certain and it is probably the only thing that gives us the chills of “nausea” and excitement simultaneously. Well, not all but the biggest changes in popular sports have proved to have the same impact on many fans and sports lovers. A single change and everything becomes exciting again.

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Apart from these major changes, there is one more way in which you can tweak the whole game fun. Want to know what we are talking about; well we are talking about sports betting. Like you play your game in share markets, you can place your bets on sports as well. There are many online betting sites, as you can see on BettingTop10, that invite the people to place their bets on their predictions and earn a lot. How fun it is to actually watch a match, you team wins and you earn from it. Could life be any better?

Now back to changes, don’t you think it was too exciting when shootouts were adopted from minor leagues by NHL? You can see your favourite players displaying their ace with the ball and again see some awe-inspiring saves by the goalkeepers. Eliminating the “ties” which feels nothing less than a disappointment of watching the whole game, this move has defined the definitive outcome. Now at least you can tease your friend or colleague when your team wins over theirs. This is just one, we have listed some major changes and how these popular sports have evolved with it. So what are you waiting for, let’s get to know more about these:

3v3 Overtime implemented by NHL

How can we forget back in 2015 when NHL initiated 3v3 over 5v5 overtime? This was implemented in pond hockey style play which was done with the goal to accomplish the game earlier. The purpose might be to finish it earlier, but the chills it gave back then and till now is everlasting. Traditionally it’s 5 players for both teams on the ice that participate for the majority of the game. The 3v3 overtime sudden death is absolutely enthralling. Playing for the team the three players from each time have got a lot on their shoulders. With fewer members on the field, they have all the space to show their ace for speed and sport. The three versus three without a doubt is more exciting and fun to watch. The anticipation and excitement have involved sports betting as well.

NBA introduced 3 point line

The 3 point line was first introduced back in 1979-1980 season by NBA. This change has changed the game what it used to be, forever. With its advent, you can see increased scores which we are very sure never mind our eyes and sportsman soul. Not only that every sports savvy loves the incentive granted to the defence team in pushing out while shooting the long ball. From something which was a two-possession deficit to be transformed as everything with one single shot, the game has surely evolved. Adding more excitement, this change has surely invited some new fans.

Reduced shot clock in basketball by NCCA

The classic surely has their charms, but the new and modern certainly lure everyone. Now instead of watching the long sports match for hours and hours, people prefer brief fragments. So, one of the biggest changes that have been done in this respect is reduced shot clock in basketball by NCCA. Primarily it was for 45 seconds which was reduced to 35 seconds in 1993-1994. Later we witnessed another cut in 2015-16 where it was reduced to 30 seconds. This reduced time means more and more shot attempts with more and more baskets. The reduced time triggers quicker response and you can see something really exciting on the ground. Anything that can take your breath away for a moment is absolutely adored and here NCCA has ascended these moments by reducing few seconds. You can see its impact on several betting sites as well where the new rule has invited more and more people.

Be it to add new spark or excitement in the game or for changing it for better, these changes surely give enough Goosebumps every time you see your favourite sport. With so much to see, we certainly don’t mind these changes, what’s your call on this?