I understood the Internet’s obsession with cats the moment I became a cat mom


There’s a purpose in the back of the pussycat fetish on the internet. It’s the same cause as the only in real existence. Cats have that commanding aura of independence and insouciance that we’re compelled to gravitate in the direction of. Plus, those whiskers and staring eyes. Something about the facial features and standard manner of a cat says, “Wut u imply I look stupid? I’m doing is for purposes.” two things the Internet can never get enough of — cats and the Kardashians. While the K clan’s upward push to fame can be attributed to them in a single day achievement of a reality display, a leaked intercourse tape, and a Ph.D. In self-exposure, all cats had to do change into just be themselves.

Meme Binge

To say that cats dominate the Internet could be a gross understatement. They are each bored netizen’s raison d’etre. They are the CEOs of a million-dollar meme empire. According to this CNN article, approximately 6. Five billion cat snapshots exist on the net. That’s almost one cat photograph for each living being on earth. Unless you’re a psychopath, possibilities are that in some unspecified time in the future, you’ll have shared a cat picture for your life. Remember the cult of Grumpy cat, aka the Tartar sauce? The cat that took the Internet via the storm with the aid of just being, well, grumpy. If she was someone, her marketplace cost might have trumped the blended internet well worth of Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerberg. This pussycat damsel turned into even featured in over dozen publications, inclusive of Time mag. She’s probably one purr faraway from being declared ‘The Most Influential character of the decade.’

Grumpy cat wasn’t the primary one to infect the viral fever on us. In the mid-2000s, two bored dudes posted a photograph of an elated British Shorthair superimposed with the text “I can have the cheeseburger?”. This irreverent piece of content no longer only garnered eyeballs; it gave upward thrust to the phenomenon of LolCats. For the uninitiated, ‘diz is how da textual content on a LolCat reads. It would help if you weren’t a millennial to realize the recognition of Nyan cat. To date, neurologists are figuring out how an animated cat, taking pictures of rainbows out of its arse, can yield a lot of electricity on human thoughts. They could have come to a step forward had they not wasted their operating hours looking at mindless cat videos.

Over the last decade, the viewership of cat videos and the recognition of cat memes has skyrocketed. By the power of kitty paws, the Internet cats even made it to the prestigious Museum of the Moving Image in New York. The 2015 showcase called ‘How Cats Took Over the Internet’ is a sworn statement to the truth that the feline fellows executed what years of spotlight-hungry Kardashians couldn’t — an area in the high arts.

cat mom

In today’s world, you don’t want scandals, a mystery wedding, or a famous surname to be chased using paparazzi. All you want is a cat and an Instagram account. I wouldn’t be surprised if, in every other three years, the Internet can be replete with headlines that move something like, “You’ll by no means trust how this paan walla have become the richest actor in Bollywood by using adopting Billoo, the stray cat.”

Apart from being the stairway to stardom, cats additionally double up as peacemongers. Ask each person who has been trolled online. When arguments start to sound like “Go back to [insert country], you [insert outdated expletive],” a video of a cat rolling on its back is all it takes to douse the fireplace and save you the following genocide. This makes cats the modern-day Mandelas of the Internet. So what is it about pussycats that even the haters discover it hard to hate? How did they become the blue-eyed animals of the sector’s huge internet? All stated and accomplished; cats are like that good-looking lady on the barstool who desires to be charming time and again.

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I became struggling to discover the solutions until I adopted a three-month vintage kitten. Do you recognize how we all have that one pal who sits you down to speak about existence after three massive whiskeys? The universe becomes that insightful pal to me. And he spoke thru Mowgli, the kitten. In much less than every week of bringing Mowgli home, the reality dawned on me. You can in no way own a cat. The cat owns you. He decides when you need to wake up, while it is a superb time to head to the bathroom, whilst you may cozy up along with your associate. By the time you begin being used to the agenda, it changes. Because cats are fairly moody, they are the feline equivalents of Kim Jong-un. On an awesome day, they beat his quality ratings via being annoyingly unpredictable and interest-searching for. It’s this eccentricity that makes them so suited. I’m sure the enthusiasts of Dhinchak Pooja and PSY will agree that freaks rule the web.

understood cat

Today, I actually have over 100 photos of Mowgli on my smartphone. Unlike numerous Insta-celebs, I don’t click and percentage his snapshots for fame. I do it out of sheer disbelief that a 13-month kitten has the strength to mess with a grown lady’s head. Let me show this by way of an instance. Mowgli loves his moist meals made from fish and fowl; however, sometimes, he refuses to devour. It, in reality, pissed off me. Despite introducing new flavors, changing the meal timings, not anything changed. Until one day, it struck me — now and again, he doesn’t want to waste his time-ingesting due to the fact how can he pass over out on my very eventful walk to the toilet? He’s gotta be around to stare. Stare till the next Season nine of Games of Thrones is out. Stare until Mars is deemed livable for human beings. Stare until one of his eyeballs drop out of the socket.

Cats are recognized to have a million quirks. No two cats are ever similar. It’s likely why even professional cat professionals are at their wits’ stop when it comes to explaining why a cat would sleep anywhere, consisting of at the commode, however, now not in its secure mattress. In this kind of state of affairs, the Internet will become a sacred location for cat parents to trade notes approximately their furball. Or, as the spokesperson of Friskies explains, “The Internet is the dog park for cats.” Given how most cats are indoor pets, it makes sense to examine and study extra approximate cats on social media structures.

All said and accomplished, cats are like that good-looking lady at the barstool who wishes to be charmed again and again. At the same time, puppies are like nerds who desperately want a female friend. Dogs guarantee you affection. Cats make you earn it. Through position-gambling video games related to a fishing rod, an hour-lengthy chin-rub, and branded cat muddle till the day eventually come when you find your hair bathing in cat drool; however, you’re too busy to react due to the fact you’re capturing a gazillion boomerangs of him winking at you, aware of how that’s the nice form of flattery you’ll ever get from him.

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