How to Transfer Data from Android Devices to iTunes

When you have just made the switch from Android to Apple, and are wondering a way to knowledge get all your records throughout, then be concerned now not. Though it’d seem impossible to you, there are simple methods to get all your treasured facts on your new iPhone.

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Android, a Linux-based running device designed for touchscreen mobile devices, became first released in 2007. Considering that then, there has been no looking back for the OS, with updates and new variations being launched more or less once in every six months. Today, Andriod is one of the maximum famous cell cellphone operating structures, the other being Apple’s iOS.

Whilst we all love our Android telephones, there are instances where inconsistencies inside the consumer interface and the dismal battery life make us need to throw our phones out, and leap on the iOS bandwagon. And certainly, many of us, in the end, try this. It truly is now not to say Apple is any higher with its iOS; there are many problems plaguing Apple’s OS as well. Expertise if you have jumped ship, you then are going to have a phone without all your facts, and that includes your all-crucial contacts.

Fortunately, in trendy day and age, transferring statistics among 2 phones isn’t always only possible, know knowledge smooth as properly.

Switch to statistics From Android to iPhone

iOS isn’t always as simple as Android. There may be no reminiscence card to just get rid of and replace with the only out of your antique telephone. To transfer whatever on your iPhone, or iPad, or iPod, you are going to need iTunes. In short, you have to take your Android smartphone, reproduction all its contents to a computer (which has iTunes hooked up), then add all that content in iTunes, and eventually switch it in your iPhone. Seems complex? Well, here’s the way you do that. This works for contacts and multimedia content material simplest, and *no longer* for SMS and different settings and files.

Copying Contacts and Multimedia content on your laptop/Mac

» Visit the contacts folder in your Android and export the contacts in your SIM card. It’s going to create a vCard document.
» Join your Android tool to the laptop through USB, and positioned it within the ‘Disk power Mode’. After you try this, your telephone will appear as a pressure, or as two drives when you have an SD memory card.
» Create a transient folder on the pc and name it. replica all the multimedia content material like snapshots, documents, files and other data to that folder. Don’t do this in haste. Take some time and undergo all the folders in your Android tool.
» Once you have accomplished that, look for that vCard record and copy it to your temporary folder. This vCard record includes all your contacts.

Moving pictures to your iPhone

» Open iTunes to your laptop.
» Join the iPhone to the computer through USB cable.
» Your iPhone might be detected in iTunes. Pick it from the facet-bar or the top-left bar.
» Inside the major window, you may see a pictures tab; faucet on it.
» From the drop-down, click ‘sync snapshots’ and then ‘select folder’. You’ll have to select the transient folder that you created to your laptop.
» Click ‘apply’, and sync will start. Make sure you’ve got all the pics in a single folder.

Moving music and videos on your iPhone

» In a comparable way, in preference to the images tab, pick out the ‘track’ and ‘Video’ tabs, and follow the same steps, to sync your music and videos on your iPhone.
» You can just drag the folder containing the track and videos on your iPhone’s call within the iTunes sidebar, and you’ll get all your songs on your iPhone.

Extra Tip!

If you have a song on your computer, then in the iTunes, go to the document menu and click on ‘add a document to library’ to add person tracks. To feature a couple of tracks, keep down the manipulate key even as selecting documents. To duplicate a whole folder to iTunes, click on ‘add folder to library’.

Shifting Contacts on your iPhone

» Step one is to ensure you’ve got e-mail setup on your iPhone.
» Once your email is set up, send your self that vCard document you copied for your pc/Mac as an email attachment.
» Now, just open that e-mail for your iPhone. Tap at the connected vCard document.
» On the top, you will see ‘add all contacts’. Tap on that and all your contacts may be stored.

As you may see, transferring facts from Android to iPhone is not that difficult, furnished you have them, and, of course, a USB cable. With a few simple strategic clicks, data is transferred and the trouble is solved.