How Long Does Weed Stay In Your System If You Smoke Every Day?


If you’re wondering how long does weed stay in your system if you smoke multiple times per day, then i sincerely hope that you are not just wondering it because you face getting a drug test soon. Everybody is different of course so this number definitely has quite a range, but for somebody who smokes three or four times per day, THC metabolites could be found in their urine within 80 days of them quitting cold turkey. No amount of detoxing will really help you in this case, unless you got an unusually forward notice of the drug test you have to take. The reason THC metabolites can show up for so long after quitting smoking is because THC binds to your fat molecules so it sticks around nice and cozy for a long, long time. You do have a couple options if you’re really panicking about that drug test now though.
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Incognito Belt

    This creation is blessed by the gods of marijuana. This amazing product by comes with everything you need to remain an undetected stoner at work. It’s not exactly simple to use, however, and will require some serious planning. The company offers a 200% double your money back guarantee so if you follow the instructions and you still test positive for THC, well at least you get that. It definitely should work for any generic state funded random drug test in a common workplace if you follow the instructions well. You basically just have to make sure to activate a heating pad a good 15 minutes ahead of the test, and be stealthy when peeing out of the tube connected to the bag of fake urine in your pants. What could go wrong? Be careful!

Using Another Sample Of Urine

This is pretty risky when compared to doing it with the incognito belt. IF you’re going to do this you need to be certain that the drug test you’re taking is very relaxed and they won’t be observing you very closely. Using a legitimate sample of urine from a friend does eliminate a bit of the risk of synthetic urines because sometimes synthetic recipes are detectable, but you also have to keep in mind the temperature.  If you do the test and sneak in someone else’s urine, make sure you warm it up ahead of time to the average temperature of urine.

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