Guardian launches dedicated WordPress headlines plugin


Today, we’re glad to announce our information headlines plugin for WordPress. This is the primary information headlines plugin on the famous WordPress platform and offers considerable benefits over current information RSS plugins. Unlike the updated plugin we unveiled years ago – which enabled bloggers to syndicate our content material in full on their web page – this plugin has been specially constructed and updated to offer applicable information headlines and their thumbnails while mixing seamlessly in up-to-date topics.

  • Easy updated
  • WordPress Widget Options
  • Easy, sincere setup

Using the built-in up-to-date plugin experience in WordPress, the plugin can be hooked up to any WordPress website online in less than two minutes. The plugin affords a Simple widget that may be located on the website and gives some of the Options up-to-date dates on the web page. You could pick out 27 Father or Mother information sections to date from the Category selection to locate content material that applies to your website online. You can choose whether the updated displays are modern articles or the ones that might be up-to-date by the most famous online at the Father or Mother website. After deciding what number of articles the updated show and the most appropriate Dad or Mum logo up-to-date web page’s topic, you may up-to-date and look at your new content material.

WordPress headlines plugin

The plugin is up-to-date and designed with blogs in the front of thoughts. Do you run a weblog with a focus on films? Song? Maybe fashion or education? What about technology or politics? Most of these are devoted sections in the Father or Mother, and we regularly put up content material in Some of these sections. An up-to-date weblog might see hyperlinks to up-to-date exciting content material without you having updated any ongoing paintings. As soon as humans understand that the content material you offer within your weblog posts and displayed by the Father or mother is up-to-atypical and exciting, it attracts repeat up-to-date updates to your updated weblog.

  • Theme adopting
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  • The plugin runs on a subject with a darkish updated fashion

The plugin has been designed to update the topic of your web page, bearing in mind a wealthy and seamless integration. Some websites have already applied the plugin, and we’re thrilled with how properly it has blended in with their themes. If you would love to look at examples of the way the plugin blends with distinct topics, test the screenshots on the WordPress plugin page


Content material requests are made to update our content material API. The responses are up to date briefly inside your WordPress database, making sure your site no longer makes up to date many useless calls and influences your page load times. You could deploy the widget as frequently across your site as you like and use special settings in each vicinity.

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