Google may upload iPhone X-style navigation to Android P


Android P is coming down the line and we’re watching for to pay attention plenty more approximately Google’s next cell working system update on the Google I/O developer convention in May. In the period in-between, we may additionally have a few tips about updates to the navigation machine, leaked by using… Google itself.

In a screenshot published to the Android Developers blog (and seeing that adjusted to cover a part of the consumer interface), the navigation bar takes on a whole new look, with an again button, a much wider button, and no Overview (multitasking) button.

Ars Technica spotted the photograph earlier than it got modified, and points out the similarities among this and what Apple has performed with the iPhone X. Apple’s flagship smartphone has no Home button of direction, which means customers ought to depend upon swipes and gestures to get around. Is Android going the same way?

Android PImage result for Google might add iPhone X-style navigation to Android P

Is this the brand new nav bar? (via @RonAmadeo)

The Google Pixel cellphone launchers already have some gestures that aren’t supported in inventory Android as a whole – like swiping as much as getting to the app drawer – and it might appear that this is the way ahead. With an increasing number of Android phones ditching physical buttons, it takes the experience to follow Apple’s lead.


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Having stated that, Android P is still very a good deal for improvement, and this change doesn’t seem within the early preview version that’s been allotted to developers. It’s possible that that is most effective a temporary check that might not make it into the final version of the OS.

Something else we are not positive approximately is the entire Android P name, however, Google might have given us a hint by using showing off some spring-themed pix on its Instagram Stories the day past, as grabbed via Android Police. Looks like quite a few popsicles there… A sweet treat beginning with P. Popsicle is trademarked, however, that hasn’t stopped Google before.

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