Five Tips to Choose the Right Wood Floor Color for Your Home


Hardwood floors have been on trend for centuries. They are a great investment that a homeowner can plan for his property. With the appropriate type and color of wood, you can create beautiful aesthetics and contribute to the overall value of your home. You will be surprised that choosing a wood flooring color that seems so simple takes years of study to master. Don’t choose in a hurry and later regret the decision you make. Interior decorators and architects have learned and researched time to perfect this art of color matching. So, to prevent my readers from feeling overwhelmed by the options available in the market, I gathered a few tips. Here, take a read.

Floor Color

Consider the Room Size

If you choose hardwood flooring for a small room, it is best to opt for lighter shades such as beige and off-white. These colors give an appearance of brighter and larger space as the light-colored floors bounce off natural light. A wood floor color that is too dark can have the opposite impact – gloomy and cramped.

Create a Bigger Picture

You may be drawn towards patterned wood to create that shabby-chic rustic look in your living room or dining area, but have you thought of how it will look in the kitchen? The pattern choice decides the look of your floor and plays a crucial role in your furniture placement and layout flow. So, spend some time and pick from various options such as straight, diagonal, herringbone, basketweave, and more.

Pay Attention to the Undertone

Some wood finishes can appear very red or orange after installation. And though there is no harm in going for those tones, they tend to seem outdated soon. Now, you don’t have to refrain from warm undertones altogether. Just consider the color that blends in your interiors well and sparks joy till you live with it.

Study the Sunlight

Wood flooring can change its appearance throughout the day. Wood floors installed in rooms with lots of sunlight can have a different feel than at night. Also, UV rays can negatively impact the wood, causing it to damage over time. So, please discuss with your floor specialist how the sun’s exposure can affect the wood floor you buy from them.

Look at the Furniture and Décor

Your furniture and flooring should reflect your personality and complement the space and your sense of style. Of course, balancing two different wood colors can be a little challenging if you have wooden furniture pieces. And while a lot of you find safety in the matching route, your professional and experienced designers have a different take on it. Matching colors can make the room look cluttered, so contrasting colors are always better.

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