EA Mobile senior vice president Mike Verdu resigns


Electronic Arts senior vice president Mike Verdu has resigned from the enterprise, GamesBeat has found out. That’s a great departure for one of the globe’s largest makers of cellular games. We received a tip that Verdu has resigned, and both Verdu and a spokesman for EA have confirmed it. Verdu stated that he’d leave EA powerful the primary week in May. Verdu joined EA Mobile in February 2017, after he left Kabam in the wake of its sale to Netmarble and FoxNext Games. Verdu previously served as a lead creative officer at Zynga. During 3 years at Zynga, he had worked closely with teams that labored on titles, including Empires & Allies, FrontierVille, and CastleVille. Before that, he ran the Los Angeles studio for Electronic Arts and labored at the Command & Conquer franchise, The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-earth, and Medal of Honor.

 senior vice president

Verdu also worked at Atari, wherein he labored on Unreal II and Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time. He turned into co-founder of Legend Entertainment, wherein he worked on Spellcasting, Gateway, Companions of Xanth, Death Gate, Mission Critical, and Sword of Shannara. EA introduced a major reshuffling of executives on Thursday, but a spokesman said Verdu’s departure is unrelated to the management changes. In a message, Verdu stated, “I employed a few tremendous humans into my leadership group and can transition gracefully.” He stated that the travel associated with the job turned into difficult and his travel became additionally now not sustainable. Verdu introduced, “Was first-rate to go returned to EA and assist out their mobile employer. It felt like closing a circle (as you understand, I labored there before).”

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