Does Whiterose Have A Time Machine On ‘Mr. Robot’? Angela Believes That She Can Change History


Spoilers for “Eps3.3metadata.Par2” observe. One growing principle may seem completely bonkers even in a sequence described by twists as Mr. Robot. Yet, Angela and Irving’s conversation in Season Three’s fourth episode may imply that the Mr. Robot time travel principle is true. If you are a fan of the code that Whiterose and the Dark Army are developing a timing device, you probably ate up this scene between Angela and Irving in the Nov. 1 episode just like Irving ate up Red Wheelbarrow’s ribs.

The time gadget theory has been sincerely selecting up steam (or something choices up in time tour) in Season three; however, you can, in reality, pass all the manner returned to Season 1 for helping proof. In the first actual episode of the entire show, Elliot says that his favored movie is Back To The Future II. Based on a couple of references to the 1989 movie Mr. Robot, Sarah Lewitinn of Decider came up with the time-bending concept that Elliot is Tyrell’s son from the future.

Yet, you don’t need to agree with combined identification theories to shop for the time journey one. Because, as Tim Surette of TVGuide stated, some other trace from Season 1 that made time travel appear viable within Mr. Robot’s international became a non-Michael J. Fox associated quote from Whiterose. When she first met Elliot, Whiterose advised him, “Every hacker has her fixation. You hack humans; I hack time.” Although most enthusiasts failed to think this line changed literally on time, Season 3 of Mr. Robot changed that.


During the season three premiere, Whiterose (well, his male identity, Minister Zhi Zhang) regarded a giant machine living in the Washington Township nuclear strength plant. Later, Angela asked Elliot, “What if I informed you we may want to make it like none of this ever passed off?” She said, “If we could take it all returned from the start, what would you be inclined to sacrifice for that?” When Elliot stated it was no longer viable, Angela answered, “What if I instructed you it’s far?”

Time Machine

In Season 3, it was found that Angela is operating with the Dark Army to manage Elliot’s Mr. Robot aspect. She said that she changed into betraying Elliot because of her faith in Whiterose. When Angela met Whiterose in Season 2, Whiterose stated, “I am going to prove to you why you want to drop this task” of destroying E Corp., Something evidence Whiterose supplied Angela led her to which she is now in Season 3.

Mr. Robot on YouTube

So, while Angela says to Irving in Episode Four of Season Three, “I must ask, did Whiterose ever display you?” the first issue that comes to mind is that she is discussing this proof. This evidence may be the gadget on the energy plant, considering something Whiterose showed Angela was powerful enough to inspire Angela to align with the Dark Army. Irving confirms he has seen this mysterious object, too, and Angela asks, “And you consider it?” This verbal exchange at the Red Wheelbarrow echoes Whiterose’s telling Angela during their Season 2 meeting: “I don’t want your proof. I need your notion.” Although Angela was given some proof from Whiterose in Season 2, it appears to have ended in the notion. Sure, Angela can display a few signs and symptoms of doubt via wondering what Irving thinks; however, Portia Doubleday’s Angela believes in something now because of Whiterose. What precisely is that something, enthusiasts? They don’t know that it is intentionally withheld with the aid of showrunner Sam Esmail — at least for now. Esmail informed Entertainment Weekly after Season three, “[Doubleday] has to be convincing and honestly dedicated, even though we don’t recognize what [Angela’s] committed to.”

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Based on Irving’s reaction to her questions in “Eps3.3metadata.Par2,” Angela may not be the handiest person to be dedicated to this unexplained entity. He says that era is “mind-boggling” and wraps up the conversation by announcing, “My point is, I assume whatever is possible.” The technology they are discussing should be connected with different Mr. Robot theories, including the potential to interact with parallel universes or discover the perceived world, which is a PC program (à la The Matrix). But of all the seemingly impossible things in the known world, a time tour might be the most universally exciting one to people… In particular to a human-like Angela, who’s nearly damaged past repair because of the death of her mom years in the past.

Angela Believes

So, even though Angela and Irving’s conversation is deliberately vague, it makes the time device theory a legitimate piece. Of course, that doesn’t mean this theory is certainly proper, considering Esmail can be deceptive to the audience. Along with that line, whatever Angela believes in might be manipulated by Whiterose. Based on the whole thing visitors have seen from Whiterose, she’s now not to be depended on, so Angela can be simply as inside the dark as Mr. Robot lovers regarding Whiterose’s true intentions. While Angela might imagine that Whiterose can give her what she needs, the fact is that anything Whiterose is as simple as it exists to serve her purpose.

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