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‘Cuckservative’: the internet’s latest Republican insult hits where it hurts


Cuckservative”: noun, portmanteau of cuckold and conservative, pejorative net slang. A conservative who isn’t always conservative enough for a few different conservatives, with implications of cowardice and sexual impotence and/or deviance.

The time period “cuckservative” stuck the attention of puzzled observers this week amid the froth of statement floating across the race to turn out to be the Republican nominee for president in 2016.

It has been dubbed a signal of a “raging civil struggle” tearing the Republican birthday celebration aside, “the GamerGate” of white supremacists, and a meme expressing “a sure kind of contempt”. But the dictionaries have yet to step in, leaving readers to take it apart more or much less on their very own.

The fundamentals are simple: cuckold, a person with an adulterous wife or companion, and conservative, which in context approach a person at the spectrum of 21st-century Republican concept.

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The insult’s most popular gist is conservatives accused of bowing to at least one non-conservative concept or every other, eg immigration reform, must sense humiliated, their ideology adulterated.

Former Florida governor Jeb Bush is for this reason accused of cuckservatism for helping a direction to citizenship for immigrants, in preference to the “large, lovely wall” to surround america, as recommended by Donald Trump in final week’s GOP debate.

Radio host Rush Limbaugh alluded to the meme in reward of Trump on Wednesday, saying that “if Trump have been your common, ordinary, cuckolded Republican, he‬ might have apologized by way of now” for criticizing Fox Information host Megyn Kelly. In this experience, because it’s used to criticize mainstream Republicans, the insult is an replace on the “Rino” (“Republican in call handiest”).

On the whole, the phrase is used to belittle conservatives for a perceived weakness, as an instance as an emasculation of Fox host Bill O’Reilly for “daring to impeach” Trump.


However, “cuckservative” also attracts from darker currents of idea on the way, a long way proper. Past its simple which means of infidelity to the reason, the word seems like an anti-homosexual slur; the insulter accuses the insulted of sexual insecurity similarly to everything else.

Then there’s racial antipathy. The Southern Poverty Regulation Middle, a company that video display units hate organizations, links the word to white supremacists and nationalists, and the insult is normally thrown to signify that white human beings ought to best assist rules that gain white people, eg stringent immigration (if any) and drug sentencing legal guidelines.

Popular conservative commentator Erick Erickson has referred to as out the racist factors who use the word, pronouncing its far “a slur against Christian electorate coined by‬ white supremacists”‬. Writing on the Each day Beast, Matt Lewis argues tribalism within the darkish corners of the internet is the supply of the phenomenon – the idea that anybody who’s no longer an express racist or a liberal enemy earns the label.


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A minority is specific approximately the racist impulses at the back of the word. A long way-proper blogger Alfred W Clark, as an instance, wrote ultimate month that “human biodiversity terrifies the cuckservative, as deep down he has offered into clean-slatism and egalitarianism. The cuckservative would alternatively simply have a Herman Cain or Clarence Thomas poster on his wall than honestly need to honestly think about race.”

Different bloggers in addition preach a philosophy of victimhood. In the American Renaissance, Gregory Hood writes that actual conservatives have been “deceived, cheated antd [sic] exploited” and that the term has ascended in response to “a really perfect hurricane of anti-white aggression by minorities and the media”.

Blogger Mike Cernovich in the meantime gives a recursive bent to his definition of the term: “A cuckservative calls folks that use the time period ‘cuckservative’ racist.”

Clark and others go farther, averring that white, Gentile support for Israel qualifies a conservative for the label. Due to a shared identity with Israelis, Jewish people can not be “cuckservatives”, Clark broadcasts, But “the cuckservative cares extra approximately Israel’s borders than his own”.

The word even has a piece of pornography in it. The new Republic cited this week that “cuckold” can allude to a style of pornography related to husbands who watch their better halves have sex with black guys. Intentionally or know not, the genre plays to fears of black guys preying on white ladies – an anxiety perhaps maximum related to the Ku Klux Klan.

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