Costco’s Case Of Seoul K-Beauty Box Doesn’t Even Require A Membership


Unlike makeup, pores and skin care would not actually settle into the realm of trends. Sure, there is a glitter mask that preserves shooting up, and retinals are all the rage. However, pores and skincare staples are always around. However, K-Beauty and Costco’s Case Full Of Seoul, one trend that has caught around for a while, is the answer to all your Korean skincare wishes.

Upset due to the fact you do not have a Costco club? Don’t be. According to Allure, there is exact information. You do not want to purchase the excellent range of merchandise available at the massive field purveyor of bulk items. As it turns out, you may order objects at once from the Costco internet site while not having a membership. Some items are marked as required membership, however now not the Case Full of Seoul, and it is without a doubt such suitable news. Why need you to be excited about K-splendor items while you can hit up quite a good deal anywhere and snag a sheet mask? It’s due to the fact this case is a lot extra than only a sheet mask. In reality, it’s an eleven-item kit of full-size K-splendor products that every one painting in tandem to help you ideal that Korean skincare habitual you have heard a lot approximately and continually desired to strive.

  • Costco Case Full of Seoul
  • $149.Ninety-nine
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Seoul K-Beauty Box
Perhaps the satisfactory element about Costco’s Case Full of Seoul isn’t always even the goods. It’s the fact that this factor is so complete of K-beauty that it truly comes with a manual.

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On the Costco internet site, you may find that there may be a PDF downloadable book whole with the way to go through all 10 steps of conventional Korean pores and skincare routine. In the guide, there are 4 workouts. The Morning Glory is a six-step regime supposed to be done, obviously, in the morning. Then, there is the seven-step middle of the night ordinary known as the Sleep Beauty. If you don’t need to transport via all of those steps each day, there are greater for you. One designed to be an at-home spa day for weekends, and the alternative appears to be for days whilst you need to head make-up free and rock some serious pores and skincare rather.


According to Allure, Costco failed to create this kit on their very own. Instead, it becomes crafted using a Korean enterprise that tests rising beauty manufacturers. Umma, the business enterprise in a query, crafted appropriate products for K-beauty newbies to experiment with the legendary, 10-step routine. This case did not happen overnight both. It took Umma a strong year to choose products that are not the most effective paintings together seamlessly but appropriate for all pores and skin sorts. No count what kingdom your pores and skin are in, this kit needs to work for you.


As for the cost, it does look like pricy. It’s going to feed you $149.99; however, keep in thoughts what you’re getting. Once you spoil down the nearly $150 rate tag, you may locate that it is sincerely not that extravagant given what you’re getting. The package capabilities an all-in-one toner, emulsion, and essence, a cleanser, essences, an eye fixed treatment, moisturizer, sunscreen, primer, serum, and mask. That breaks right down to simply over $thirteen in line with the product. See, now not that bad, proper? Plus, according to PopSugar, the retail price is over $350.


If you love K-beauty, or in case you’re new to the sector of essences, serums, and enzymes, the Case Full of Seoul kit from Costco is sort of ideal no matter which camp you fall into. With exercises that work for all pores and skin types and a complete-on guide to use them within the fine feasible way, this kit is a miracle worker. Suppose you want to save the case; head over to the Costco website now. This one-of-a-kind product is a type of genius.

Costco's Case

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