Best Live TV App for Mobile Devices

Today, everyone what’s comfortable and nothing can be more comfortable than watching your favorite movies and shows on your phone. TV is placed in one place in the house but you can take your phone anywhere and even if someone is watching something on TV and you want to watch something else you can use your phone for that.

Many live TV applications are available for mobile phones like- Netflix, YouTube TV, TVCatchup, Mobdro, etc.

Before discussing them, in brief, let’s look at some advantages of live TV applications.

Live TV


Live TV channels are getting popular these days and applications like Netflix are taking the lead over television. These live applications have so many advantages like-

  1. Many events are more suitable for a person to watch on the mobile phone like- radio broadcast, news broadcast, award ceremony, tournaments, live concerts, music performances, sports contests, etc. Watching things like these can make a person feel special.
  2. TV the channel becomes more interactive and engages more audiences on internet live streaming as compared to traditional ones.
  3. People like to be modern and if someone is using modern technology for broadcasting their shows they will get a better response.
  4. Live broadcasting keeps the audience connect for a long duration, a buzz is generated around when there is a life event. Going out and watching live shows can be a task and the shows are not available live on the television so it is best to watch them on a mobile phone.

Now, we are aware of the advantages of live TV application lets look at some popular live TV applications for Android and IOS both.

Applications for Android and IOS

1.3.Mobdro application

It is one of the most amazing applications which offers live television feature. It is very easy to watch online web series and movies in this application and even you can download the shows and movies you want. It is a very user-friendly app and it is used by many people all over the world. This is said to be the best free movie and TV streaming application. All the news TV shows and movies are available in this application and it is very easy to download, this application suits both Android and iPhone users. There is also a sleep timer available in this app and there are more th200 channels to watch. , there are many other excellent features available in this application like there are no ads, etc.

2. UKTVNow

It is said to be the best live TV application and this is very popular in the united kingdom, there are many loyal users of this application who are using this application for years. This application has the largest amount of tracks in it from documentary to kids or from movies to entertainment and the best part about this application is that it is for free and there is no need for purchasing or subscribing. It is very easy to use and user-friendly application which has channels from more than 10 countries.

3. Jio TV

This is the best Indian live television application where you can watch Indian and international channels both and there are more than 600 channels with 15+ languages. The best features of this application are that you can watch previous shows for up to 7 days which means that if you miss your favorite show due to some work you can watch it later. This application is mainly for Indians because it only works on the phone which has a Jio sim card and it is not at all for the International users. In this application, you can watch HD channels for free and this the application also runs on Android TV.

4. Mx player

This application host more than thousands of premium and exclusive channels and it is becoming the top live television application by time. This was a normal application but when times network purchased it this became one of the best among all. There is a huge collection of movies, TV shows, and web series and there are more than 20 original shows.

5. Netflix

Netflix was found in 1997 and it is one of the coolest and amazing applications among all. This application has the coolest and amazing shoes from all around the world and these shows are available with subtitles, there is an option of taking it’s monthly and a yearly subscription you can choose whichever you want. When it comes to streaming then Netflix is known as the king. This company is running for more than 20 years and it has more than 180 million subscribers from all over the world, it has its original programs which are known as Netflix originals. It is the worlds leading media streaming platform. It is like a library of streaming services where you can find many shows and the latest movies from all around the world.

6. SonyLiv

It is an international platform by Sony entertainment and it hosts all the live shows of every channel which are all sony’s licensed content. You can watch many interesting Indian serials ln this application and there is also an option of subscription and if you want it you can take it. You can also watch sports like FINA, WORLDCUP, and NBA, etc. There are 700+ shows and movies available on this platform which are International and national both, the song channels are free here and all the major markets are available for streaming.


This was the list of some most amazing and super cool television conclusions that you can install on your mobile phone without any issues and enjoy. You can easily replace your TV and enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies online just by one click. Changing with technology is very important these days, and for doing that all you have to do is to download any of this application on your mobile phone and enjoy it!! But if you want an advertisement free entertainment then you must subscribe to them.