Apple iOS eleven.Three Has A Nasty New Surprise


At this point, even the most religious Apple AAPL +0.68% fan would admit iOS 11.3 is a botched task. It’s a hugely essential replace (see my iOS 11.Three Guide Guide) which brings critical transparency and manage to iPhone and iPad customers, but it’s far weighed down by means of numerous (once in a while extreme) insects. And now Apple has made things worse…

‘Great Secret Features’ and ‘Nasty Surprises’ are my regular columns investigating the first-class functions / biggest problems hidden behind the headlines.

Apple iOS 11

Displaying the same tone deafness the enterprise found out when it throttled iPhone overall performance without warning or permission (something iOS 11.Three corrects), Apple has now stranded iPhone and iPad owners in this risky build.

AppleInsider reports Apple has stopped signing iOS eleven.2.6 “amid [a] deluge of iOS 11.3 computer virus reports” for an replace that “appears to be riddled with issues.”

What this indicates is users can now not downgrade from iOS eleven.Three again to iOS 11.2.6. To date, this had been a possible course for the ones trying to break out the troubles brought by using iOS 11.3 however it’s far now been cut-off.

As such affected iOS eleven.Three upgrades now haven’t any preference but to place up with issues that vary from the traumatic to the actually weird. Apple’s choice is likewise probably a huge hassle for businesses as iOS eleven.3 broke Apple’s MDM (Mobile Device Management) protocol which has left participating businesses and establishments unable to remotely manage and replace their personnel’ iPhones and iPads.

And here is the tone-deaf element: this is what Apple does with ‘regular’ iOS updates.

Usually, 1-2 weeks after the release of a new replace, Apple stops signing (aka verifying) the previous replace so customers can not cross again – something that reduces iOS fragmentation. But given it’s far not possible for Apple not to have visible the ‘deluge of trojan horse reports’ I find it wonderful that no trade changed into made to this timetable to assist out the ones caught in a hard spot.

All of which should virtually pressure Apple into motion.

Right now the business enterprise is beta testing iOS eleven.4, but as a ‘major factor release’ this takes time and it’s miles not likely to launch for 6-8 weeks. With the iOS eleven.2.6 downgrade path now gone and plenty of users and companies hurt with the aid of iOS 11.Three, Apple must truly be pushed into freeing a committed iOS eleven.Three.1 computer virus repair.

In truth, the charitable side of me loves to trust Apple handiest determined to forestall signing iOS 11.2.6 after the selection changed into made to come back to the aid of customers with an iOS eleven.Three.1 launch. Needless to mention, this can be hopelessly constructive.


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Either way, however, the discharge of iOS 11.3.1 is now critical because Apple has needlessly boxed itself and its customers right into a corner…

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